Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The most of the management institutes of India , have failed to create thought leaders and only produced line managers well fit for the low profile Corporate “babus” or routine jobs. Isn’t it the right time we rethink the state of Management education in India.Sri Joydip analyses the state of management education in India and how it can be improved.

Yes , it is the single reason, that the focus is on result, and not on the process. Very interesting to note, that this has been also the Hallmark of Bhagvad Gita's philosophy as delivered by Sri Krishna to Arjuna, in the sections related to Karma Yoga .

Sometimes , academia has a role , not only to provide manpower which deliver “0 hour performance” to Industry , but also to set new standards of expectation for manpower to Industry. The manpower, who could come up with a new line of consciousness, where process is given equal emphasis along with results , where people who come out from management institution have an inbuilt societal and environmental consciousness , which can stand up in testing time of value erosion.

But then who will build those people , where is the time for it, in the age of rat race ? .

Obviously , we all know , the consequences for it and there are ample examples from Bhopal Gas Tragedy to Satyam Saga and Oil spill , if we don't do it . But then we have these incredible attitude of "Chalta hai" , everything is good and fine as long as the student is placed.

The problem is also the involvement of the student after he joins the industry, becomes weak with academia, and there is no life-long learning process. The time period of the academia gets to mould a student in right direction is so short , that there is hardly a ethic or character building exercise, could be taken on, apart from the skills building exercise.

If we have to practically implement some of the reflection of Bhagvad Gita on the education system , there is a need to incorporate a life long learning process, that a individual can balance with process and results, and became a part of expanded management consciousness’ which is transformational incorporating societal , environmental and economic values on the same breadth .

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beyond Gunas : Wisdom Stimulus 187 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna here mentions, that when the seer, in us, can see beyond the gunas, and the source, which is higher than the gunas, and from where the gunas, originate, he attains to the being of Lord Krishna.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Spiritual growth : Wisdom Stimulus 186 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna further continues, that the sattwic people, who have positive belief system, along with light and knowledge, moves upwards towards higher spiritual development, bringing both prosperity and peace to himself and others . On the other hand, the Rajasic people move along the middle, as it have some positive and some negative beliefs, which makes him fall sometimes, and rise sometimes . Whereas the tamasic people are found to be always moving downwards, due to there heedlessness and ignorance which creates a negative belief system , flooded with negative thoughts .

Thursday, August 5, 2010

What rises from Gunas ? : Wisdom Stimulus 185 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna in this verse explains how each gunas gives rise to different kinds of characteristics. He mentions that sattwa gives rises to knowledge , rajas gives rise to greed and tamas gives to rise to ignorance and heedlessness.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fruits of Gunas : Wisdom Stimulus 184 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna further continues that the fruit of sattwic action is purity and the fruit of rajasic action, is pain and suffering, and the fruit of tamasic action is ignorance .These way we can see , how each gunas a certain category of action.

Dying in Rajas/Tamas : Wisdom Stimulus 183 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna here mentions that when one dies when he is absorbed in rajas, he is born among those who are attached to action. While dissolving in tamas he is born in the womb of senseless . That’s why dissolving in higher gunas is preferred as the last impression on the mind creates the first impressions in next life .

Dying in Sattwa : Wisdom Stimulus 182 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna here mentions that when one dies when he is absorbed in Satwaa he attains to spotless world of the knowers of the highest . That’s why dissolving in Satwaa is preferred as the last impression on the mind creates the first impressions in next life .

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Inertia Dominates : Wisdom Stimulus 181 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna in these verse explains what is the time period when inertia dominates . It is when one takes on considerable amount of indulgence, the indolence drives and the tamas become predominant.

Activity Dominates : Wisdom Stimulus 180 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna in these verse explains what is the time period when activity dominates . It is when one takes on considerable amount of action, the passion drives and the Rajas become predominant.

Purity Dominates : Wisdom Stimulus 179 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna in these verse explains what is the time period when purity dominates . It is when after a considerable amount of spiritual practice, the wisdom light shines the Sattwaa become predominant.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Choosing Career and Convincing People : Wisdom Stimulus 178 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Vijay Bhaskaran : How to choose the right direction in between a mid career change ?

Sri Joydip: Lord Krishna mentions in Bhagvad Gita about “Swadharma” . Swadharma is a important principles according to him , to carry out action according one own inherent nature . This is how one should make his career choices . Swadharma can help one to take important direction in one’s career . Success is the career requires you to bear with maximum number of failure . It is only when you do something you love to do , as it is based on your swadharma ,you can bear this failure and become more competent . If you swadharma is of painter don’t get into stock market , just because stock analyst offers your more money and opportunity . Lord Krishna it is better to die performing to die performing swadharma , then to live doing paradharma. Reflect on your inherent nature , that is the kind of work which comes to you naturally and you have some natural talent into it , and at the same time you love it . After this reflection , you would be choose the right direction between a career change .

Remember : If you choose a career which not according to swadharma , you might have to return back to a career which is according to your swadharam , that would mean a lapse of time , inbetween . Rather losing 4 years , loose 4 days to reflect and find out what is your swadharma and what would be the right career choice for it .

Vijay Bhaskaran : How to convince people and get them in your way of thinking ?
Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita , takes Arjuna into his way of thinking . While doing so , he follows some principle which can used by any managers to take people in his way of thinking as a leader does.

Sri Joydip:

1.In the whole first chapter of Bhagvad Gita ,Krishna listen to Arjuna and never speaks a word . This is the first skill you require to listen other , before you try to express your thinking .

2.On the whole Bhagvad Gita , even knowing that Arjuna was always falling short of the understanding of a deep complex philosophy , he never stopped praising Arjuna for whatever he has understood . Lord Krishna often before any important discourse or philosophical points showered with praise to Arjuna to make his mind receptive to Lord Krishna way of thinking .

3.However at certain times , he found that Arjuna mindset requires a change and that is the time when to criticized him indirectly.

4. At every chapter of Bhagvad Gita ,Lord Krishna is able to generate
an eager want in the mind of Arjuna to listen the next important
discourses . He had a perfect understanding of Arjuna’s emotional
state and delivered a knowledge according to the growing maturity
Of his mind.

5.In all chapters Lord Krishna transformed a man,who is about to run away from a battle , due to his emotional despondency and who had his own
definition of ethics and spirituality which are most of the times
confusing to a man of strong character , ready to take the
challenges of life and win the battle, just by power of his thought .

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Attachment : Wisdom Stimulus 177 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna here clarifies the attachment map of different gunas . The sattwa or purity gets attached to happiness , the rajas or the passion gets attached to action , and the tamas gets attached to indolence .

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inertia : Wisdom Stimulus 176 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna in this verse talks about inertia . Now, what is inertia ? . Can stillness which comes from purity, be equated with inertia . Obviously not. It is true that inertia bind a person into ignorance and he can then fall into the grasp of sleep and indolence. At the same time , Inertia deludes and binds fast, any embodied being to less activity . But, then when people are wise , they are also less active . However the cessation of activity, with wise ness is a positive phenomenon, where one choose to act or not to act on based of deep understanding. In case of inertia, one chooses not to act because of ignorance .

Monday, July 26, 2010

Passion : Wisdom Stimulus 175 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna Mentions “Rajas”, to be of the nature of passion, the source of thirst (for sensual enjoyment) and attachment. Passion is a driving force. However one need to be a good driver, to put this driving force into constructive action.

Purity : Wisdom Stimulus 174 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna continues that Sattwa (Purity), which from its stainlessness is luminous and healthy, binds by attachment to knowledge and to happiness. One must also have the courage to go cross higher stages of personality leaving sattwa(Purity) and reach the ultimate goal of self realization.

Truth : Wisdom Stimulus 173 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Jamai :What is truth and how to reach it . Why did Arjuna and Sri Krishna engaged on disciussion in Bhagvad Gita about truth ?

Sri Joydip :Let me tell you story, to explain,n what is truth, and how to reach it . King Janaka, saw himself playing a role of beggar in a dream . Becoming very disturbed on the scene, he seek advise of Sage Astavakra that whether he is the beggar on the dream or the King in waking . Sage Astavakra replied that he is neither of them . Both of the identity changes , but the truth never changes which is with him . Infact that is Why Krishna and Arjuna, enaged in a debate to bring the changeless truth in changing time. ..

Friday, July 23, 2010

Love is Life : Wisdom Stimulus 172 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Moumita : How to become loving child to my parents ?

Love is not a emotion. It is a state of mind , where you feel oneness with the entire universe. Normally, we see people fall in love . But true love makes you rise. Lord Krishna, who is known more popularly as god of love describes different of love or bhakti. The core focus, on these to have the ability to surrender to the highest ideal, or God. Love organizes our mind and makes our life work. When you surrender, everything in our life falls in place . You find that love is not weakness , it is a strength which helps us to live a better life . It is a force, which makes the entire universe work .Love is life .

Nichole asked me whether love is important and I replied whether life is important to him. If life is important to you, than you should give importance to love. But then again love is not a petty emotion, which makes you feel weaker. It is the strength in you, by which you can move the entire world . It is the only healing force in the world, and all are substitutes of these healing force. Infact, being in a true love makes you lovable from any individual of the world and same holds true for your parents . True love is like a gravitational pull, which attracts all people around him, and makes you lovable to everybody.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taking refugee in Knowledge: Wisdom Stimulus 171 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna here mentions to Arjuna, that, those who take refuge, in the Knowledge of Bhagvad Gita, becomes united with the Lord . Not only that, he is neither born, in the time of creation, or nor destroyed, on the time of dissolution . The last phrase is very symbolic, as he describes that surrendering on the knowledge of Bhagvad Gita, helps us to remain steady and unaffected on the continuous changes on the world which are created around you, and get dissolves in due course of time .

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Towards Supreme Knowledge : Wisdom Stimulus 170 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

After discussing on the distinction between the field and the knower of the field, which enables one to move, beyond the nature of being, and move to the path of supreme , Krishna on the next chapters on the “Yoga of the three gunas”, declares that he is going to give the supreme knowledge in this chapter .

Path of Supreme: Wisdom Stimulus 169 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna continues that, when one can perceive the essential difference between the field, and the knower of the field, through the eye of knowledge , and get liberation from the nature of being, which most of the cases, get affected by the ups and downs of field, are able to move beyond the nature in the path of supreme .

Illumination of reality by consciousness: Wisdom Stimulus 168 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna in this verse explains, Arjuna, that how the “Lord of the knower of the field”, illumines the field. These way he again brings the point forward, that it is the consciousness, which creates the reality of the field we see around us . That again makes us to look inside us, for a solution we might face as a problem, in the level of field . We have to go back and understand, that what is the consciousness, which is originating that problem.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Indicator of Spiritual progress : Wisdom Stimulus 167 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

The self seated everywhere in the body in not tainted. Lord Krishna continues his discourses on the field, and the knower of the field to Arjuna.
While he delivers the highest wisdom, he also mentions that one who reaches this zone of highest wisdom, is not tainted by the movements of the nature. Probably, that is one of the indicator of the progress in the spiritual path, as discussed by Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita .

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Supreme Self : Wisdom Stimulus 166 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna here explains to Arjuna about the essential qualities of supreme self or infinite . The Supreme self doesn’t involves in any action or neither gets tainted though it stays in the body . At the same time , supreme self is without beginning and devoid of qualities.

Becoming Brahman : Wisdom Stimulus 165 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna, now goes to the crux of the wisdom of Bhagvad Gita . In these verse, he gives on not only understanding of infinite (Brahman), but becoming the infinite (Brahman) . It again proves the point why Bhagvad gita , has been the source of wisdom and enlightenment, to so many beings around the world . It is these verse, where he describes that, when one starts seeing the variety of beings resting in the oneness , and again spreading forth from that oneness , he becomes the Infinite (Brahman).

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Acting in Oneness : Wisdom Stimulus 164 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Sri Krishna here declares one of the hallmarks of Adwatic thought process. The Adwatic process, which declares the universe as one consciousness , is main theme behind the “Yoga of Knowledge “. However, Lord Krishna here shows, that the self is action less, and all the action is done by nature, It is a leap forward to get into the ultimate themes of adwaitic philosophy While Lord Krishna, delivers the entire, “Yoga of Knowledge” in a incremental basis. That way he only gives the highest truth, when the mind of the listener, (Arjuna) is ready for the purpose. That’s why we can see, Lord Krishna emanating knowledge in a ongoing and step by step manner on field and knower of field . Below are the steps he followed to give a complete idea on field and knower of field .

1. Lord Krishna describes the Field and the knower of Field.
2. Lord Krishna describes the formation of beings, from the union of field and knower of field.
3. Lord Krishna describes the imperishable aspect of that being in perishable body.
4. Lord Krishna declares that focusing on imperishable brings oneness with all individual.
5. Lord Krishna makes Arjuna aware of the benefit of such oneness where the self is not destroyed, by other selves and harmony comes instead of hatred.
6. Lord Krishna moves ahead and shows that imperishable aspect of the soul is actionless, and all action is carried by nature.

Infact , he also goes on saying that we have wrong perception that we do all the actions . It is not so, it is the nature who does those action and we are bounded by the nature . The whole journey of Yoga of knowledge becomes, than moving from lower nature, where we are bounded by the natural principles, to higher natures where we move to self, which is action less and free from natural laws .

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Experiencing Oneness : Wisdom Stimulus 163 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Here is where, Lord Krishna delivers a verse, with incredible knowledge to Arjuna. The quality and the rhythm of the verse is very subtle and has a deeper meaning. On the last verse ,he explained about seeing the imperishable soul in the perishable matter In this verse he extends further this logic, and goes forward to say ,that what exactly is the benefit for having such vision of seeing the imperishable soul in perishable matter. One of them is one doesn’t the self, by the self . It has become a common phenomenon these days, that people due to there hatred get destroyed by each other. Once you start seeing the imperishable in perishable there is deeper sense of love, which erupts in the consciousness of an individual. Suddenly you feel, the people out there are not very different then what you are .You both are just expression of the same soul. That slowly puts you to the path of highest goal.

Unperishing in Perishing : Wisdom Stimulus 162 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

When one continues to see the supreme lord, existing in every being, he starts feeling the unperishing aspect of every being. That invokes a sense of vision on him, to see the unperishing in the perishing. That is what Lord Krishna describes in the verses to Arjuna, on the nature of the being, who is moving, towards the supreme knowledge and oneness.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Formation of Beings : Wisdom Stimulus 161 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna continues his discourses to Arjuna, and mentions a very interesting point . He says that all the beings are born, out of the union between the field and knower of the field. The being cannot be formed without the two of them meeting together . The body has to be there and at the same time , the soul has to be there and only when they both meets together , beings are formed ,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Paths : Wisdom Stimulus 160 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna here talks about how people cross death with practicing different forms of Yoga – Mediation, action and knowledge. At the same time, he mentions, about the people who hear about this process, and worship, by taking supreme refuge to Lord. In a way , Sri Krishna here gives description of all the process, which is required, for one to reach the supreme spirit .

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Retaining things in Memory : Wisdom Stimulus 159 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Ashish Kumar (Delhi) : How to retain things in memory ?

Sri Joydip :Our memory has infinite power. However , we could only use a small portion of memory, because we are not aware about the complete capabilities and the process of its retention . There are examples where memory has retained experiences from other lives . However , those experiences of other lives, are not very easy to be recapitulated . The main reason is the lack of understanding of the process, of memorization . We retain certain things in memory, on the base of there importance according to emotions. The importance is not given by the logical mind, but the emotional mind. We might have observed, that certain events which we are emotionally connected, is retained in our memory in picturesque details There are also other events , in life , which might be very important from professional and worldly standpoint , but you don’t retain them, as there is lack of emotional connection . So , to retain anything in memory, we have to retain the emotion associated with that thing, and to recapitulate, we have get back to that emotional experience . Often actors are found to be practicing it in there daily life, as they try to remember the dialogues and act on a character, They has to remain emotionally very mature for there. Retaining something is memory becomes easier, when the emotional maturity is gained and you are in state where you can identify more accurately your emotional state and label and document it , that you can use them time-to-time.

Getting Liberated : Wisdom Stimulus 158 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Krishna continues his instruction to Arjuna, on the field and the knower of the field . While he does so, he mentions that complete knowledge is only possible when the knowledge of both spirit and matter is gained. It is when one gains this knowledge, he gets liberated from his karma and never reborn again.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Swadharma,Destiny and freewill : Wisdom Stimulus 157 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Houd Menon ( Chandigarh ) : How do we reduce Work load ?

Work is a load , when we don’t enjoy the work . As when we don’t enjoy a work, our mind becomes de-focussed . It runs in several directions, and that’s why it becomes divided . The divided mind is the source of all perception, regarding the loads of work . When a person enjoys his work , his mind becomes focused, and work is never a load, at that point . The only way to reduce workload is make your mind focused. Sri Krishna talks about a concept called “Swadharma” in Bhagvad Gita . He instructs Arjuna that is better to die performing “Swadharma” , then living performing “Paradharma” activites . By Swadharma what Sri Krishna means in Bhagvad Gita is a individual inherent tendencies which can be referred as his own nature , what a person would automatically love to do . When a person acts according to his swadharma ,his mind becomes automatically focused and he doesn’t feel any load of work . For example for a IT professional who loves technology, and equally have it as his profession, learning and practicing new technological innovation becomes a source of relaxation not load . But for one who is forced to be an IT professional, every new technology brings a big work load to him and becomes his nightmare .

Ashish Kumar (Delhi) What is the role of destiny vice-versa free will ?

Sri Krishna devotes around 6 chapters in Yoga of Knowledge of Bhagvad Gita, to explain this concept of destiny, and free will in depth . The summary of it, can be stated, like this – “Every individual has an option of living by choice or living by chance” . Unless he gains knowledge by practicing the Yoga of Knowledge, and become wise , there is apparently no chance for a person, to live according to the choices he made. Once he become wise then, he stops living by chances, programmed by destiny and starts living by choices . Yoga of knowledge helps one to put a individual in a right direction, and that makes him free to live a life according to his choices and not by chances. However, one should not expect that Wisdom could be in calculated in one day . It is a gradual process of learning and experiencing which can convert the mind and build wise ness . That why it is suggested to join the classes of Wisdom Stimulus everyday from 20-30-21-30 IST at Wiziq and build wisdom gradually with practical application through Wisdom/Spiritual Diary.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Soul and Nature : Wisdom Stimulus 156 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Sri Krishna continues his discourses on the field and knower of the field. He explains that the soul seated in Nature experiences the qualities born of Nature – the Sattwa , Rajas and Tamas. It is the attachment to the qualities of Nature ( in purity[Satwa], hastiness and restlessness[Rajas], and indulgence and indolence (Tamas)) is the cause of the birth, in good and evil wombs.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cause and Effect : Wisdom Stimulus 155 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna continues his teachings on field, and knower of the field. In the level of field, in case of all cause and effect , the nature is said to be the cause. On the other hand when the knower of the field, experience pleasure and pain, the soul is considered, to be the cause . This opens a whole new domain, where subjective experience, is what defines the emotional entanglement of persons.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Perfect Action : Wisdom Stimulus 154 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Ashish Kumar (Delhi) : Can you act without desire ?

Sri Joydip : You get what you deserve, and not what you desire . Desire is the greatest enemy of the wise , as Krishna mentions in Bhagvad Gita . It is an inner enemy, and distracts the mind, and make it move outwards ,instead of inwards . When mind gets bounded by desire, its focus shift to result of an action, and not the actions itself. Results are the effect, your action is the cause . If the cause is right , the effect is bound to be there .Most people think , that it is impossible to act without desire . That’s not true.We can take example from our mythological stories on understanding the effect of desire . We see in our mythological stories, two important character –Indra and the Vishnu . Indra is found to be desiring, and so he is constantly under attack from different kinds of demons. He is constantly found to be seeking pleasure for himself. On the otherside Lord Vishnu, is absolutely desireless, and works for the maintenance of dharma, in the world. Vishnu due to his desirelessness , attracts the whole Universe towards him . The whole world bows down to him in devotion, as Vishnu symbolizes perfect action . Because of the state of desirelessness , Vishnu always remain successful on vanquishing different demons, and other creatures who disturbs the Universal process , which Indra always fail to do . Indra gets affected with success and failure as due to his desire he has not reached the perfect equanimity in his mind .While Vishnu has reached that state of perfect equanimity, where success and failure and all the dualities of the world doesn’t affect him . So it is possible for him ,to endure the failure whatever it might be , which Indra is not able to . Acting without desire, helps to endure failure, and that’s why one always become successful, when he deserve ,not when he desire it .

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Practicing Equanimity : Wisdom Stimulus 153 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

R.S(Delhi) : I get angry and don’t carry on the work, when people orders me . However, I carry on the work, when people tell me lovingly. So how do, I follow people’s order ?

Sri Joydip : In Bhagvad Gita , Krishna gives the ideal of equanimity of the mind, while performing action . Normally our mind get affected when somebody orders us something . So , it’s not about what you do , or what you don’t do . It’s a lot about, what is the state of mind, you are in , while you do something . If you have equanimity in mind , then whether somebody orders , or doesn’t order and say it lovingly, makes no difference to you . You carry on doing , what you ought to do.

R.S(Delhi) : But then that’s extremely hard ,how do I practice this equamimity of mind ?

Sri Joydip : It doesn’t happen in one day . You have to come this class, of Wisdom stimulus which is about Application of Bhagvad Gita in Managing life in Wiziq, from 8-30-9-30 I.S.T everyday, and take a litte sip of knowledge . Then you have to go back in life, and apply it . Slowly and slowly , your mind will start stabilizing . Its like, how you prepare a yoghurt, or curd . You first put a little bit of curd in the milk, and make it stay, that way , for a whole night, and then you could see in the morning , that the milk which is very liquid, with the association of the curd has converted itself completly into semisolid state of curd. That is the way the Wisdom, delivered in Wisdom Stimulus could help you. You take a little bit of this wisdom, and put it into your mind , you will see the liquidity and hastiness of mind, will soon turned into stability and calmness, and you will reach a state of equanimity, from where you will remain unaffected from the happening of world.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beauty with Wisdom : Wisdom Stimulus 152 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

The most beautiful verse of the whole Bhagvad Gita talks, about the light of the light, which stays, on the heart. The light , which is knowledge , the knowable and goal of knowledge, seats on the heart of every being. The most beautiful poetic language, is used by Sri Krishna to bring the pinnacle of wisdom in the simplest way .

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oneness : Wisdom Stimulus 150 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

In the verse , Sri Krishna tells Arjuna , how the Brahman, or the supreme, is undivided though it supports all the divided beings, and generates them too . Through this message, he communicates the lessons of unity and oneness , in diversity and division . It, also helps us to bring a connecting perspective between the divisional consciousness, and the unity oriented consciousness.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to develop leadership qualities from Bhagvad Gita ? : Wisdom Stimulus 150 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

From Gayatri Devi (India) : How can we develop leadership qualities from Bhagvad Gita ?

Sri joydip's reply : Leaders have three essential qualities – a) They have a vision b) They can communicate that vision to people c) They can make people execute that vision, All these three qualities of a perfect leadership can be build from Bhagvad Gita .

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who wrote Bhagvad Gita ? : Wisdom Stimulus 149 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Shams (Egypt) : Who wrote Bhagvad Gita ?

Sri Joydip : Bhagvad Gita was a part of Mahabharata, which had been considered , written by the immortal sage Veda Vyasa. The latest portions of the Mahābhārata, are estimated to date from roughly the 4th century BC, the time of the introduction of writing to India. Some 18 chapters of Vyasa's Jaya constitutes the Bhagvad Gita, which is non-secretrian , and non-religious text of Universal wisdom and considered as sacred in different traditions around the world . Bhagvad Gita also has been hailed by number of important personalities, around the centuries, as the ultimate source of wisdom and Ved Vyasa is considered as the Guru of Gurus, and a immortal sage .

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to Manage Time ?: Wisdom Stimulus 148 : Question and Answeres on Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Hout/ Gayatri devi : How to manage time ?

Sri Joydip: Krishna mentions that one of the greatest enemy is desire , in Bhagvad Gita . Desire gives rise to attachment, which finally leads one to loose his Intellect. It is when, the Intellect is on loss, one finds havoc, on managing time . Intellect gives direction, on how the time should be used . Lot of people, these days opt for career , out of desire of money and status . However, they finally find out that they are not made for it, and so they switch over to the career they love . This switch over cost them lot of time , which is again originated from the desire of money and fame. So , dispassion, helps one to become more economic with time , not only from an short term perspective but also from long term perspective.

Monday, June 28, 2010

How To Concentrate: Wisdom Stimulus 147 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Hout : How to Concentrate ?

Sri Joydip : Mind stays always in a divided state . As the basic nature of mind, is moving outward . The moment the mind, starts moving inward it achieves oneness and the divisions falls away . When the inwardness become intense , mind itself drops and helps one to reach the sphere of supreme knowledge . All concentration comes with dropping the divisions of mind . Infact , all these divisions are superficial , being concentrated is being in the most natural state of mind .

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Questions and Answeres : Wisdom Stimulus 146: Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Prakash : How to control the wandering mind ?

Sri Joydip : Mind always moves outward due to desire . More the mind moves outward , more is the wandering mind . To stop the wandering of the mind one has to bring back the mind in its source . That can be only done when one practices desirelessness, as desire takes the mind outward. That’s why Krishna ask to perform desire less action , Focussed love , and attain desire less knowledge . It is then the wandering mind becomes silent.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Advises to follow path of knowledge : Wisdom Stimulus 145: Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Krishna ask Arjuna, to have unswerving devotion to him, by the Yoga of non-separation. He also advises him to have a general distaste for the society of men, which might distract one, from the path of Knowledge.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Increasing Disppassion : Wisdom Stimulus 142: Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Krishna further continues and expresses the grade of dispassion ,where one has to practice non-attachment, non-identification of the Self with son, wife, home and the rest, and constant even-mindedness on the attainment of the desirable and the undesirable.

Sense Control : Wisdom Stimulus 142: Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Krishna mentions sense control as a important phenomenon for understanding the field . One who has Indifference to the objects of the senses, also absence of egoism, perception of (or reflection on) the evil in birth, death, old age, sickness and pain would remain in equanimity, and reach oneness breaking of the barriers of division, constructed by the mind.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Constitutents of the Field (Part II) : Wisdom Stimulus 142: Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Krishna continues his description on field , where he ;points out certain qualities which are the part of the field.

1.Humility 2.Unprentitous 3.Non-Injury 4.Forgiveness 5.Uprightness, 6.Service to the teacher 7.Purity 8. Steadfastness 9.Self Control. This 9 qualities he includes as part of the field adding to the qualities he added in the last verse.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Constitutents of the Field : Wisdom Stimulus 141: Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna explains the constituents of the field to Arjuna. Desire, hatred, pleasure, pain, the aggregate (the body), fortitude and intelligence are referred as the major constituents of the field. This is what makes the mental body which expands and expresses to make the world around us.

Monday, June 21, 2010

On Absolute: Wisdom Stimulus 139: Verse 13.5: Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Sri Krishna here describes, that how the sages, across civilization has explained the absolute in suggestive words, which was decisive and full of Reasoning.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Understanding Field: Wisdom Stimulus 138: Verse 13.4: Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

In this verse , Sri Krishna explains some of the fundamentals of material knowledge, which is referred here as field. He points out that one has to sincerely observe the modifications of field, in order to have a complete understanding of field . It is also important to understand the basic nature and the particular power it holds . Further, Sri Krishna announces to Arjuna that he is going tell, about this whole concept in brief, on the upcoming verses.

What is Knowledge ? : Wisdom Stimulus 137: Verse 13.3: Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Sri Krishna is this verse answers the question – “What is Knowledge”. From his point of view, both the field, and the knower of the field, which is the individual originates from Universal soul, when put together can be termed as Knowledge.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goal of Wisdom : Wisdom Stimulus 136: Verse 13.2: Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Knowledge is on acquisition, Wisdom is on renunciation. With one, you fill up your brain with ideas, and with the other, you throw them out
from your brain, to reach the source. Knowledge helps one to become
successful on the layer of the field or the body. The body can be
outer body consisting of the 5 elements in the world and it could be
also Inner body consisting of three element – Intellect, Mind and Ego.
Wisdom helps to reach to the Knower of the body. It is the perception
, which is hold in the layer of the knower, scripts the field, or the body, in
certain way. Once that perception changes on the level of the
knower of the field, the field also undergoes a complete

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goal of Wisdom : Wisdom Stimulus 135: Verse 13.1 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

The Knower, and the Known are considered as two different poles. Uniting them is the Goal of Wisdom.The perception holdup as reality by the mind of the knower, creates the world of known.The Field, and the Knower of field, is fundamental, on which all knowledge, is based on . It is either of the field – material Knowledge or the knower of the field, which is spiritual knowledge.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 134: Verse 12.15-20 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Krishna in the verses from 15 to 20 on the Chapter 12 gives description of an ideal devotee, one who has unconditional love towards God. This description helps one to understand, the outer expression of devotion, on varied personalities. However, one thing is very common to the entire set of 35 qualities Lord Krishna describes in the 7 concluding verses of Yoga of Devotion, which is mental equanimity. He goes on elaborating the principles of mental equanimity, in multiple dimensions . But they state one fact very simply and clearly, that a true devotee , maintains equanimity in pain and pleasure , heat and cold , praise and criticizes. He remains steady in front of all adversities, which symbolizes the duality of the nature .This way he make the principles of devotion very refined and subtle, and makes it moving from more grosser exposition of devotion, to subtle experience of devotion.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 133 : Verse 12.14 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Lord Krishna add some more qualities of an sincere devotee

2.Steady in Meditation
3.Firm Conviction
4.Self Controlled
5.Mind and Intellect dedicated to Lord Krishna

He also mentions this kind of devotee is very dear to him.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 132 : Verse 12.13 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Lord Krishna here summarizes the qualities of a true devotee

1.He would not hate any creature
2.He ,who is friendly and compassionate to all
3.He, who is free from attachment and egoism
4.He, who is balanced in pleasure and pain.
5.He who is always forgiving .

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 131 : Verse 12.12 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

In this verse , Sri Krishna does an comparative study, and shows how knowledge is better then action, and meditation is better than knowledge, and how renunciation of the fruit of action, is even better then the meditation, as with renunciation immediately the peace follows . In the last 12 verses, Sri Krishna on answering the question of Arjuna, on worshiping form, and formless worship , has advocated a number of ways to Arjuna, for developing devotion, after declaring that worshipping form is better than worshiping formless . In these verse , he synthesizes , all this way, and make an incremental design, on the spiritual development from action to knowledge , from knowledge to meditation, and from meditation to renunciation of fruit of action.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Yoga of devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 130 : Verse 12.11: Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

So in this verse, Sri Krishna gives another way, to practicing devotion. He says, even if you are unable to do abhyasa yoga (practicing devotion), and at the same time not able to surrender, all actions to me, there is another way. In that way you should renounce all the fruit of action, and take refuge in me, and practice self control .

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 129 : Verse 12.10

Both attraction and repulsion are illusion. You are always attracted to one which shows more signs of faith , then the other . Yet, it can be very deceptive. That which attracts you now , repulses you after some time.

That is when the question comes - What is Bhakti ? Is it a lifestyle ? Does it depends in costumes you wear ? Words you speak ? . Bhakti is infact, a state of mind, where you feel connected with the whole universes.

Faith is a important tool on creating the bridge between the human and divine consciousness where you feel connected with the whole universe. It is with faith , the sincerity follows. Faith is again an inner state of mind and nothing to do, with the appearance you make, to claim you are faithful .

Whenever faith is equalized, with appearing faithful, the world is subjected to most violent form of wars. History, can give a lot of examples of wars, taken by religion, on the ground of external signs of faith ,and not the real faith. Real faith brings oneness and not division.

Half of the war in the world , was stopped by true understanding of faith, and other half of the war, started by misunderstanding faith. Understanding faith is too important for the globalized world, to keep it only in hand of religious propagandist.

True understanding of faith and devotion comes with practice . However, Sri Krishna gives an way , even when the person is stumbling in practice . He ask them, to surrender all there actions to him. This surrender of actions helps them to grow the inner faith.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 128 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

In continuation to his answer to Arjuna ,on advantages and disadvantages of moving through the spiritual path, through worshipping form or worshipping the formless , Sri Krishna here reveals another gem of wisdom. While he pointed out earlier, in Bhagvad Gita , that true devotion is to improve the quality of desire, and transforming it into love, which will enable the mind, to become one pointed, and has nothing to do with rituals , dress and words . In this verse , he goes further and describes the practical steps, to reach that true state of devotion . While describing that he emphasizes that practice is the single most effective tool, which makes the mind of the seeker , slowly become closer to his soul , who is represented by Sri Krishna, known popularly as Lord Vasudeva.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 127: Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Sri Krishna in this verse ask Arjuna to fix his mind in him .Further he ask that the Intellect also should be also set to Sri Krishna . Once this is done , one can live in him .

Sri Krishna is a representation of the higher ideal of self . However , as the higher ideal of self , is itself having no form , so it would be very hard to focus on higher ideal. So, Sri Krishna gives an easy route to Arjuna . As Sri Krishna, already have his mind, towards higher ideal, and the Intellect towards awareness , if somebody focuses on his form, and fix him in his mind and intellect , he could gain the similar experience .

Monday, June 7, 2010

Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 126 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

In this verse, Sri Krishna mentions when the mind is set to self, whose manifestation is Lord Krishna, self becomes a great savior to that seeker . Further he is found to be reinstating the common saying, that that those who protect dharma (inherent nature of an individual – the soul ), is again protected by dharma . Sri Krishna is representation of that inherent nature in our mind .He skillfully adds here on his advises to Arjuna, that one who had single minded devotion towards him, is protected from the illusion of mortal samsara (world) . That is the reason, why often it is found ,that one who attains spiritual development, remains unaffected by the disruption of the nature.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 125 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

In the preceding verse, Sri Krishna gives a way, to move forward, from the confusion of formless worship and worshipping with form . While he earlier mentioned that the worshipping to form is better and easy . He further adds to it, that his form alone could help one to reach on the highest goal . At the same time, he adds certain different criteria for worshipping the form of him . This criteria’s could be seen as the principle of Sri Krishna’s philosophy in Bhagvad Gita, which he mentions here . The first criteria is to surrender all action to Sri Krishna, who represent an higher ideal in the world . In the second criteria , one should consider Sri Krishna as the supreme goal , and while one does that, his scattered mind becomes focused and the quality of his mind, improves . In the next criteria Sri Krishna talks about austerity and sense control, which drives one to purity and helps one to gain wisdom by self reflection.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 124 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Krishna continues to answer Arjuna’s question, and help to reach him, great heights on understanding on worshipping . He mention , that they have greater trouble, whose minds are set on the Unmanifested . As the goal of the Unmanifest is very difficult for the embodied to reach.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Yoga of Devotion :Wsdom Stimulus 123 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Sri Krishna , further explains on the question of which form of worship is
better – with form or without form ,which was put by Arjuna, that one leads to the other. He describes that worshipping form , one moves to the essence of the form and decodes the perception of reality which is inside the form .Infact , that is the time , the seeker experience the reality in imperishable, unthinkable , eternal ,immovable and unmanifested way. The form is the way to get this perception of reality .Once the sense control is established by this way, and he becomes equipoise, seeking common welfare, he is the one, also moves to the consciousness of Bliss which is represented by Sri Krishna .

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 122 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Sri Krishna, on answering the Arjuna’s question, on the comparative study between form and formless worship, indicates that worshipping with form is better option then worshipping without form . However he adds three important criteria’s – (1) Mind has to be fixed in Sri Krishna , (2) Consistency and steadfastness is required on the worship (3) Supreme faith is required towards Sri Krishna. If one worships Sri Krishna keeping these 3 criteria’s in mind then he becomes, a best yogi according to Sri Krishna’s opinion. By using the word his opinion, he also indicates he is not trying to impose worshipping him to anybody, but he is encouraging his worshipping, as that is one of the best ways to reach to perfection. He also indicates in some other places in Bhagvad Gita, that he encourages people to come towards naturally, when they are prepared.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 121 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

In this particular verse, Arjuna asked Sri Krishna, about the difference between the effect of worshiping a divine form , or worshiping the formless , omnipresent divine . In these two form of worship, he again puts a sequential question that who is better versed in Yoga – One who worships the form, or the one who worships the formless ? For centuries ,I think this is the question, which have been time and again asked by number of sincere spiritual seekers .

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) : Wisdom Stimulus 120 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Sri Krishna returns back, to his original human form from the cosmic form . After returning back, he mentions, that this cosmic form is not visible even by scriptures, gifts, austerities and rituals. It is visible by single pointed devotion towards him. . He further explains that one who surrenders all action, to him, and thinks him as the Supreme, and who is free attachment and enmity towards anyone is the one, who reaches to him and gets the supreme experience.

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) : Wisdom Stumulus 119 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Sri Krishna mentions in this verse , that the real cosmic form, can be neither seen by the studies of scripture, which is Vedas and Upanishads. Nor it can be understood, by practicing austerities,gifts , rituals. Scriptures, rituals, austerities and gifts can take you to certain level consciousness but cannot make you to reach the ultimate . However the realization of the cosmic, and individual self, only comes when one can get the divine grace which Arjuna has got from Sri Krishna .

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) : Wisdom Stimulus 118 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Now, when the cosmic form was shown, where the Universe become united in one form as an expression of cosmic consciousness . Arjuna finds it uncomfortable on that layer of consciousness, which is beyond time horizon and the event horizon of his human consciousness . That’s why Arjuna, asked Sri Krishna to return back to his human form . By his request, when, Sri Krishna comes back, to the human form . He describes his cosmic form, which shows the oneness of the world, as splendid , primeval and infinite , which used Krishna’s yogic power to manifest. Nobody else has seen this form apart from Arjuna, as Arjuna is the chosen ones, who has been given a special power to see this cosmic form.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) : Wisdom Stimulus 117 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Most of the time when we can reach the consciousness of oneness, after a long effort , we find it very hard to remain on that consciousness. It is the because the consciousness of oneness is beyond our event horizon and beyond our time horizon. So , we find it is difficult to stabilize , when we reach in the consciousness where the whole idea of event and time merges, and becomes one . This is what, happens to Arjuna, and that’s the reason he prays to the Cosmic consciousness of Krishna, to reshape into a human consciousness, where he is much more aligned, to the event and time horizon, of the military general of Pandava army .

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) : Wisdom Stimulus 116 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Arjuna after seeing the cosmic form of Sri Krishna has two reaction – 1) Reaction of Joy , 2) Reaction of Fear . When you see the entire Universe has united in one single form, then initially you find a lot of Joy , after seeing it you are also, into a lot of fear . That, is what exactly, happens to Arjuna and he wants Sri Krishna to be normally back in his human form .

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) : Wisdom Stimulus 115 :Application of Bhagvad Gita to Self management

Arjuna after seeing the Cosmic form of Krishna, recognizes that Krishna is the father of this entire universe and he is the greatest guru. He founds Krishna to be the both master of dynamic and static realizations. He even founds him to be a superior being to all the three worlds of mental , vital and physical .He even doubts that how can there be another person of unequalled power in the three worlds . Infact , in this verse Arjuna positions Krishna who is an embodiment of Universal soul ,as one of the greatest manifestation of the supreme power of soul , who is unequalled in his might . The supreme soul of Krishna is the greatest remover of ignorance and darkness as we know a Guru ( Gu= dispeller , Ru = Darkness) . The Universal soul is the master of this Universe and he is the father of the Universe . In these verse, we see that Arjuna ,who brings the human perspectives, in this entire dialogue , between Sri Krishna and Arjuna , is in the mode of recognizing the soul, to be the cause of the Universe .Not only that he also recognizes that soul , to be the master of the Universe and at the same time the father of the Universe , holding the entire Universe, with supreme power .

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa): Wisdom Stimulus 114 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Most of the time we ignore and neglect our soul’s presence, in our body as we are too caught up worldly affairs . Here Arjuna prays forgiveness to Krishna for this reason . Krishna who is an embodiment of Universal soul is not treated in a manner, who should be by the mortal beings who is represented by Arjuna . The verse remained very allegorical, and symbolic, and it again gives us the idea, that how we humans treat the universal soul in a negligent manner , which makes our human life miserable .

The Cosmic Body : Wisdom Stimulus 113 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

The greatest friendship comes from inside . As all external friends, tends to be lost, on the time of problem . But the friendship of soul, is eternal and continues to stay, life after life . The guidance of the inner voice, is so obvious, that we tend to underestimate it, and sometimes ignore it, and not pay due respect to it. Because our eyes and sense organs, are helplessly bounded, to the need of the form, we couldn’t appreciate the inner guru, who stays in us , and always seek for something external, which we think could give us peace and prosperity . Our life passes to find this something external, whether it is money a relationship, or a position or a knowledge, or different forms of respect from the society . Our seeking for this external pursuits, are endless, and that is what, tends us to ignore the inner wealth, which exist in us . Arjuna, realizes this truth and understand that is form of soul’ friendship to the human body , whom we always tend to ignore and reject . Yet he patiently waits for us, to understand him .

The Cosmic Body : Wisdom Stimulus 112 : Bhagvad Gita for self Management

Arjuna in this verse recognizes the Universal soul which is represented by Lord Krishna to be the sole cause of the four direction directions and even the originator of the direction of forward and behind . That is why Arjuna salutes that fundamental conciousness which is the source of all again and again .

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) : Wisdom Stimulus 111 : Application of Bhagvad Gita on Self Management

In this verse Arjuna identifies Krishna with the great natural forces which are responsible for creating the world around us -Vayu, Yama, Agni, Varuna, the moon, the creator. He is even mentioning Krishna to be the great grandfather. By these descriptions Arjuna points that the conciousness is the source and cause of all the natural forces like Air , Governors of the world . Fire and the water gods and alongwith the moon .

There are the broad cosmic forces which are the constituents of the environment around us .It is the combination of Air , Water ,Fire and there governing forces alongwith moon which have the highest influence on the environment of the earth . Even this environment is nothing but construct which are build out from the fundamental consciousness, which is referred as great grandfather .

Arjuna as a divine warrior could understand the entire play of this consciousness and energy, and there underlying oneness, and that’s why he is saluting repeteadly , this inner principle of play between consciousness and energy .By this he is surrendering to an higher ideal and moving towards a the direction of spiritual progress in life .

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) : Wisdom Stimulus 109 : Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

Arjuna, now realized and understand that the Cosmic consciousness or the consciousness of oneness is the primal cause of all other diversified manifestation in the world . It is from the soul , that the mind , body and other instruments and other different form of bodies emerge which he see in the world . So that’s why he refers Krishna as the lord of Lords , from whom even Brahma (the intellect ) which exist in human being has emerged.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa): Wisdom Stimulus 108 : Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

When Krishna describes his pearls of wisdom on Cosmic Body to Arjuna , then Arjuna bows down in surrender to the highest wisdom . This indicates that, Arjuna is in the receptive stage, for the higher wisdom . Sanjaya describes the situation where Arjuna comes into a very receptive stage and says that meeting Krishna , the world becomes delighted. It then rejoices in the praise of Krishna. The demons which can be referred as negative forms, of thoughts flies away in fear, and the perfected one bows down to Krishna .

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) : Wisdom Stmulus 107 : Bhagvad Gita for Managing Self

The path of fearlessness offered by Krishna to Arjuna, was further extended by mentioning that, all the courageous opponents like Bhimsa , Drona and Karna and jayadratha is already slain by Krishna .

So now Arjuna as a military general of Pandavas should fight the war fearlessly, and win it, by conquering the enemies in the battle.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) XVI : Wisdom Stimulus 106 : Bhagvad Gita for Self Management :

Krishna here asked Arjuna to become fearless and know that all his opponents is already destroyed by him . It is the fear which bounds us so much, and when we become fearless we release a lot of positive energy and we are able to take on our opponents.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) : Wisdom Stimulus 105 : Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

On the request of Arjuna , Krishna describes his cosmic form . He points out that he is World destroying time ,and even if Arjuna’s intervention is not there he will destroy the world , and none of the warriors arrayed in the hostile army shall live.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) XVI : Wisdom Stimulus 104 : Bhagvad Gita for Managing Self :

Everything passes away and all forms move into the cosmic dissolution and at the same time, new forms get created . Arjuna describes in tme metamorphic way and says all creatures are moving towards there destruction, as the moth when he gets the new “wings” , he flies towards the fire and destroys himself . Arjuna goes ahead and describes the cosmic consciousness of Krishna .

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) XVI : Wisdom Stimulus 103 : Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

Destruction is complementary to creation. Whatever gets created gets destroyed and that is what Arjuna is seeing in the cosmic form of Krishna . He is seeing that all his enemies, are rushing to mouth of Krishna, and they are getting dissolved. They are embracing by themselves there own dissolution.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) :Wisdom Stimulus 102: Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

Arjuna was describing Krishna cosmic form and while describing he see that all his enemies ( who are his opponents ) in Kauravas are actually eaten up by Krishna .

Everything in this world gets dissolved or eaten up after some time. Arjuna here metamorphically talks about one of the very fundamental understanding of life, that everything which gets created , gets again dissolved .

Arjuna was having a lot of fear about his opponent like Drona ( who is teacher ) , Bhisma ( who is a great warrior and grandfather of Arjuna ) after seeing that they are all getting consumed into Krishna’s mouth throught the teeth, he becomes free from fear. He now start realizing the inevitable truths of the world .

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) : Wisdom Stimulus 101 :Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

Arjuna describes the force of cosmic dissolution, which is there in the cosmic form . Arjuna, says the certain portion of the cosmic form is blazing with the fire of cosmic dissolution. We can ask yourself, that what is cosmic dissolution . The whole universe is being created every moment, and at the same time, getting dissolved every moment . That in itself brings fear and also brings us out of fear after further reflection.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) XV : Wisdom Stimulus 100 : Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

Here we again see a interesting description of cosmic form of Lord Krishna. He has number of mouths and eyes, and he has also number of arms , thighs and feets . There are many thighs and feet’s , with many stomachs and with many teeth’s . It also says, that we are all a part of this cosmic expression.

It again shows, somehow that we are a one body and we are created out from that single body. Then why don’t we closely associate with that single body awareness. It is just because, most of us are two limited to our own body consciousness. Not, only that we are limited to the extent of our awareness of body in the parts of the body where we either we feel pleasure or we feel pain . It is limited concept of body is a hurdle for us to see a wider cosmic body which expands from individual to family to organizations , industry , state , nation and the world and also universe . Stepping out from body consciousness, limited to our body is the first step towards an expanded cosmic consciousness . Arjuna subtlety, put up this message when describing the cosmic form of Krishna.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) XIV :Wisdom Stimulus 99 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

The 22nd verses on cosmic vision of cosmic body, basically points out , that different gods , and also different kinds of beings, are all part of the cosmic body . This cosmic body is source of all that you see in the world . So contemplating on it , helps you to go to the plane of oneness . As when you move ahead, with the verse, you feel that somehow all these differences you see , of religion , caste , gods , and different community gets eliminate to one single cosmic form ,which is beyond the time and space .

Rudras , Adityas , Vasus , Viswadevas they all exsist in this form . At the same time , maruts ( warrior gods ) , Celestial singers ( Gandharvas) , Yakshas , demons and the perfected one the siddha they are all part of this great and gigantic cosmic form of Krishna . He somehow through this forms brings you to the oneness. This is what Arjuna was describing about Krishna with heart filled with bliss, and experience of the cosmic form . He is emanating, actually a deeper understanding of the unity of the world .

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) XIV: Wisdom Stimulus 98 : Bhagvad Gita for self management

Arjuna now sees a host of Gods which are present in the Krishna Cosmic form and who are spontaneously surrendering to Lord Krishna’s cosmic form . To understand and go beyond metaphor , Arjuna here gives hints that how different natural forces ( whose principles are referred as Gods is a part of the cosmic form) and becomes one with it. He also mentions about sages chanting hymns out there on the praise of the gods which are the principle behind the grand creatrix of the world .

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) XIII - Wisdom Stimulus 97 - Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

Arjuna description of the cosmic form of Krishna continues . This Cosmic form is the expression of cosmic consciousness . It fills the space between heaven and earth and at the same time , the all quarters . Not only that , it is the base of three worlds and seeing the cosmic form which expands through the three worlds of waking – dream and deep sleep. It express this all pervading one consciousness into the three world . That makes it one of the terrible and at the same time a wonderful form . This wonder and terriblity of the form makes all beings trembling at fear.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Cosmic Body XI : Wisdom Stimulus 96 : Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

One of the student, Vaibhav in the Training session on the Wiziq asked me .
Do you believe in God ?

I said “yes”.

He further asked me “ What is God “

Rather then using my own words I took a verse from Arjuna description Krishna cosmic form . Arjuna points out six essential aspect of Krishna’s cosmic form which is every way the most articulate form of God found anywhere.

1.He is without beginning , middle and end
2.He in infinite in power
3.He has endless arms.
4.Sun and moon are his eyes
5.The burning fire his mouth
6.The entire Universe his radiance

What a beautiful description, Arjuna made in the verse 19 of chapter 11 in Bhagvad Gita about the cosmic form of Lord Krishna . Simple yet broad, in its subtle message.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) X: Wisdom Stimulus 95 : Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

Arjuna, continues on describing his observation, related to the cosmic body of Krishna. He founds the cosmic body of Krishna, Imperishable. This imperishable body is also the Supreme Being, worthy of being known. The cosmic body of Krishna , is the great treasure-house of this universe; Added to that , Krishna is the imperishable protector of the eternal Dharma;.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) X : Wisdom Stimulus 94 : Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

Arjuna further goes ahead on describing the cosmic form of Krishna and while he does so , he mentions about the club and discuss which is present on the cosmic form . Not only that , he also mentions about the blazing light which makes everything invisible . It is also like a burning fire and sun and somehow this light is immeasurable . Sometimes we can found this experience when we look inside, and go deeper beyond the deep sleep state . We can experience the cosmic consciousness and blazing light surrounding it .

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) IX : Wisdom Stimulus 93 : Bhagvad Gita for Managing Self

Arjuna, describes here the cosmic body and its diversity in the oneness.
While Krishna, is showing oneness of the Universe, through his cosmic body, we can see the foundation of the modern quantum mechanics. The principles behind the quantum mechanics highlights that the entire universe is an energy soup . When, Arjuna was describing the cosmic form ,he observes that the cosmic form of Krishna ,doesn’t have a beginning ,it niether an end, nor it have a middle.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) VIII : Wisdom Stimulus 92 :Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

Arjuna was spellbound with the cosmic vision, and he praised all the gods which was combined into Krishna‘s cosmic body. Infact all the other beings which has become united into Krishna’s cosmic body alongwith the other divine serpents. This is someway, Arjuna appreciates and showers his bhakti or devotion towards the cosmic principle and its varied manifestation.

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The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) VII: WS 91: Bhagvad Gita for Managing Self

When the ego drops, and the thoughts of the mind, dissolves then one experience, the splendor of thousand suns . It is the experience, when the mind reaches the sahasdara, which is the highest chakra of the human body. If the splendor of a thousand suns, were to blaze out at once (simultaneously) in the sky, that would be the splendor of that mighty Being (great soul) .

If we look at the modern discoveries quantum of mechanics, then we can see, that whole universe is nothing but spells of energy in an endless motion on following domains .

1.Physical domain – The Domain of sense mind – waking state
2.Qunatum Domain – The domain of energy – Dreaming state
3.Void Domain – The domain of nothingness – Deep sleep states

When we try to move through the experience . There are two stages of this experience

1.First stage is the Nirvana – The Consciousness of Nothingness
2.Second stage is the Cosmic consciousness

In the first level your ego is dropped, and as your ego is dropped you experience a thoughtless state, and from there you move to the next stage, and there you reach to cosmic consciousness .So when you move to the cosmic consciousness, you experience the thousand sun at a single moment, lightening your inner sky . Once this thousand sun, ligtens up, you start moving towards a unified consciousness which was mentioned by Sanjaya . In that unified consciousness, it seems that the whole universe is resting. That is exactly the form of cosmic vision shown to Arjuna by Lord Krishna.

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The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) VI : WS 90 : Bhagvad Gita for Managing Self

When a being reaches the consciousness of oneness, he expands on to different directions . The drop of mind and ego makes his the part of the infinite consciousness. Staying on the infinite consciousness, makes one to move out from the demarcation of direction. which one has made , and all the directions starts uniting in him. A Divine being emerges who have the garland ,like the physical universe.

It is when one reaches to the state of cosmic deep sleep, that he brings out the expression of the cosmic body, which is expanded around the entire universe and which is emerges as a resplendent being, which is endless . The metaphors are allegorical which is in fact explaining the movement towards the cosmic consciousness from the Individual conciousness . A movement from Pragna to Virat , Hiryangarbha and Iswara is described here in this entire chapter where consciousness of deep sleep, expands to the entire Universe .

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The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) V: Wisdom Stimulus 89 : Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

The great Lord of Yoga, Hari (Krishna), showed to Arjuna his supreme form as the Lord. The form has numerous mouths and eyes, with numerous wonderful sights, with numerous divine ornaments, with numerous divine weapons uplifted (such a form He showed). Indeed this describes that the cosmic form is the sum total of all the forms, have a number of mouths and eyes, with a number of sights .

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The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) IV :Wisdom Stimulus - 88:: Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

No fleshy eye can behold the cosmic form of Lord Krishna .. One can see the cosmic form of Lord Krishna through the eye of intuition, or the divine eye. It, should not be confused, with seeing through the physical eye, or through the mind. It is an inner divine experience, attained through intense devotion and concentration.

The Virat , and the Hiryangrabha and the Iswara, they all has to be seen by the eye of intuition. This makes us move from the lower strata of mind, to the higher strata of mind . In the lower strata of the mind , the sense mind operates . To see the cosmic form or the cosmic vision, from the sense mind is impossible. We have to move from the sense mind to the vital mind, and then from vital mind to the mental mind , and then from the mental mind to Intellectual mind, and from the Intellectual mind, one has to move further to the intuitive mind . From the intuitive mind , one has to move further to higher mind, and from there one has to even take a journey further to the overmind .

Overmind is able to give you a cosmic vision, where you can see oneness of this universe . When, we see the world by sense mind we refer to what we see by the two eyes, we have . if someone has to see has to see the divine vision , he has to open the third eye . The third eye which is called as “Gyana chaksu “ helps you to see the divine vision .

This knowledge eye also helps to see the divine form . This three personalities of Virat – Cosmic Body, and Hiryangarbha – The Cosmic dreamer and Iswara – the cosmic deep sleeper can only be seen when one has Gyana Chaksu open . Then, you can travel from the sense mind, to the overmental consciousness.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) III : Wisdom Stimulus 87 : Bhagvad Gita for self managemnent

The divine body is the root of the both static and dynamic aspect of the cosmos. Whatever you are seeing, which is steady, has a root, to the cosmic body , at the same time , whatever you are seeing here, which is moving, is also rooted in the cosmic body . The movement and the non-movement, these both aspect, are the expression of the divine body .

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vision of the Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa)

Lord Krishna further elaborating his cosmic forms , mentions about the deities present in him.

1. Adityas
2. Vasus
3. Rudras
4. Aswins
5. Maruts

The Adityas are solar deities and they are seven in numbers in number . They are said to be the son of Aditi . The Vasus are dieities, which holds the different aspect of nature .

Aditya can have seven solar deities

2. Mitra
3. Aryaman
4. Bhaga
5. Ansa
6. Daksha
7 Indra

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The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa): WS 85 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord krishna starts talking about the divine form . When he describes the divine form , he says it is hundreds and thousands of sorts which in dictates that it has so many diversity . He indicates that his form is by the hundreds and thousands, of different sorts, divine and of various colours and shapes.

While giving the first hand account on the divine form , Lord Krishna was giving descripton about the sum total of the cosmic bodies . Here ,he is mentioning about the cosmic waking state . Cosmic waking state is the consciousness, which is basis of sum total of the bodies which are in the waking state .

Different states of Consciousness

1.Individual Body – Vishwa ( The World)
2.Individual Dreamer – Taijas ( The Dream state
3.Individual Deep Sleeper – Pragna

4.Cosmic Waking State is called as Virat
5.Cosmic dreaming state is known as Hiryangrabha
6.Cosmic deep sleep state is known as Iswara

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Wish to see the Divine Form : Wisdom Stimulus 84 : Bhagvad Gita for Managing Self

Arjuna asked Lord Krishna, to show the form of his imperishable self in the chapter on yoga of vision of cosmic form. Now, we have to ask, that what is this Divine Form, before we can understand the deeper significance of this request ?. It is also interesting to note that Lord Krishna, mentions on a verse little ahead , that it requires a different eye to see this divine form . It, is just because our ordinary sense organ, is not fit to see this divine form . As our ordinary sense organs works on a psychological conditioning.

This psychological conditioning makes us to see the truth of world in different way . That’s why the first step to see the cosmic form is to practice yoga . Yoga would purify the mind, and remove the psychological conditioning. It, would help to expand the consciousness. As our consciousness expands, we will build the capability, to move from the sphere of the mind , to the domain which is beyond mind which work on different rules of times and space, and which holds the originating principle of this physical world which is absorbed in Oneness . However to get into there plane one has to have the very pure intent, to start with . In this chapter, we find Arjuna, expressing that intent, to Lord Krishna.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Greatness of Soul : WS 83 :Yoga of vision of cosmic form

There are three important approaches towards the growth of soul

1.Shaivate ( the transformative) approach
2.Vishnuaite ( the stabliilty) approach
3.Shakti ( the creativity) approach

Shaivate approach ( Transformative )

1.Takes consciousness as the root of the world
2.Changes in the consciousness is the way to transform world
3.There approach is inside-out

Vishnuaite approach ( Stability)

1.It is balance between inner and outer realities
2.Both inner and outer change has to be balanced , systematic
And process oriented

Shakti approach ( Creative )

1.Innovation and Creativity
2.Outer reality builds the opportunity of innovation which further changes the inner reality .
3.External oriented less emphasis in inner
4.It is an ideal outside-in approach

Each of this path, could lead to the understanding, of the greatness of Soul . Shakti approach is close to karma yoga and expressing one’s creativity , and shiva approach is close to gyana yoga which is founded on the base of attaining wisdom. In vishnuite approach finds love in centre which has both knowledge and action . People of different temperaments take different paths to reach the same goal of recognizing the greatness of soul..

By these ways , the greatness of soul is recognized, as one now can understand the creation , stability and transformation along with its workings.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

End of delusion : Yoga of the vision of Cosmic Form:WS 82

Normally, when you attain knowledge, your delusion starts moving away . Wisdom is one way to remove the delusions , you are having in the mind and make the mind pure and clear . After I listen this glories ( which are expression of soul in world ) , I am now able to understand, that how the principle of soul is working, in the world . By that understanding all of the delusions are removed by mind.

From where does the delusion originates ?

Information is the food for mind, and Wisdom is the digestive power for digesting that food . Like everyday you take food , it is good to take some information and assimilate and internalize it . It improves your mental appetite and ends the delusions in the mind . However most of the time , we could not take information and digest it properly which creates different levels of delusions.

What is the remedy ?

However , divine knowledge has the capability to remove this delusions.

That is what happen to Arjuna , when he listen to the divine glory of Lord Krishna . All the delusions of his mind starts moving away and he becomes established in knowledge .

That is what he expresses on the starting verse of the chapter 10 .

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yoga of Divine Glories – A summary :Wisdom Stimulus

There are 42 verses, in “ Yoga of Divine Glories” and each of the verses, is a path towards, understanding the divine expression in the world , more accurately.

Why Yoga of Divine Glories ?

Most of the time , when we follow any spiritual path, we start shunning the world . Moving forward the spiritual practioner becomes very inward, and could not express herself in a positive way, in the society . That brings a different himself in sharp contradiction to social scenarios. “Yoga of Divine Glories” shows a way to integrate spirituality with the world . It denotes that whatever excellent, beautiful , famous things, you see they are all a part of Divine Glory . This helps one to move towards, more inclusive spiritual path . When you drive yourself towards an inclusive spiritual path, you not only develop yourself inwardly, but also develop yourself outwardly.

At the same time it proves a very important assumption that the whole universe is an expression of Divine . When you start observing things, from the perspective ,that, the world is an expression of Divine , in the process of evolution, there is a remarkable change in the whole point of view of life .

In the last session , this was the major theme ? We can recollect, that Lord Krishna is telling , that world is a part of myself .By this statement, he is making a very important point . He is indicating that the soul, is much broader , much wider and much deeper, how it is expressed in the world .

The divine expressing of soul in the world , is not completed yet . The expression is still evolving , so the perfection of the expression has not come .

Might be, there, will be a new race which will come after Homosapiens as part of the evolution from .human race towards more divine race. As we can see that humans are more divine , then monkeys and chimapanzees . As the humans, are self aware, creatures . They are more intelligent compare to there ancestor. We, humans, have become aware of the existence of the mind in us and its function in the world .

All that vices you see on the world , along with the virtues proves the fact that the expression, is still evolving . The perfection has not been reached till now .

In this Yoga of Divine Glories, on all the 42 verses, Lord Krishna expresses himself as different beings , objects in the world . While he expresses he points out, that those external objects, has reached the point of perfection which can expresses the divine soul which is Lord Krishna in them .

All the 41 verses he is giving details that how the divine glories is expressed . However , In the 42nd verse , he asks Arjuna, no need to go through these details , and again reaffirms that the whole world is a part of him ( the soul) .

So ,in the first 41 verses , he breaks himself into different expression , in the 43rd verse , he brings a synthesis, of all the division he has done on the last 41 verses .

That is where the Chapter on “Yoga of Divine Glories ends “ .

Thursday, April 22, 2010

World is a part of my Self : Wisdom Stimulus -80: Bhagvad gita

In all these chapters Krishna was giving details about how he has expressed in the world . But in the concluding verses he tells to Arjuna, that the whole world is infact a part of him which means it is an expression of him . So here he summarizes all that he had spoken in the earlier verses

While he tells that the whole world is a part of self , he makes a closer link between the creative process from where the world originates . He points out that it is the spirit which is the originator of the world . Sprit is full and whole , and the world is just a part of that spirit .

It seems to be very practical also . Whatever you are seeing in the outer world , that has the root inside . On the “inside”, which is meant by consciousness, is again root of all the expression which we see outside. World is a part of that consciousness which Lord Krishna is referring as his self . Consciousness is broad and wide and lot of it unexpressed or in the process of expression .
Why it is said that the world is a part of that expression ?
It is just because the entire Krishna conciousness ,could not be expressed in the world . It is just a part, which could be expressed and the rest is in the process of expression . So you see the world evolves , as more expression from the spirit starts adding to it .

So the evolution of the world has a direct relation with the expression of the spirit . World is not whole , but the spirit is whole and one . The world came out from the spirit, and it will be back to spirit . Once one understands it ,we becomes equanimous.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I exist : Wisdom Stimulus 79 : Bhagvad Gita for Management

Each of the verses we discussed on Bhagvad Gita on Chapter Ten, are knitted together to give a unified understanding about Bhagvad G to a individual . It indicates that “I exist” . This “I” which is referred here ,is not the ego , it is the underlying spirit . Each verses, goes on telling the same truth on different perspective of the spiritual understanding.

The truth is that the spirit is the foundation for the everything around him. When we realize this truth, we start experiencing a different reality . We start experiencing the inner life within us, apart from the outer life, which we are so involved with . It gives us a scope to stand back from the whirlwind of the external life.

The world is existing , because of the spirit . But spirit does exist because of the world . From it, the world emerges. It has no beginning , no middle , and it ends on the spirit .

Taking an example that you have different stages in your life

1. Childhood
2. Adolescent
3. Youth
4. Middle Age
5. Old Age

Individual existed when they are child, and they are still existing when they have become old .

Your existence doesn’t depends on the stages of the life you encounter .

"You Exist" .

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Manifesting Divine : WS 78 : Bhagad Gita for Managing Self

Today we are having the most important post on the entire session. Its about, how do we manifest divine in our life. In the last 42 verses, whatever we have learned, from chapter 10 this session gives a gist of them. The theme of last 42 verses , was how the soul is expressed on different being and different objects . While Lord Krishna on the last 42 verses he mentions about different qualities – Prosperity , Glory , Success , Wealth . He says these are all, expression of soul . Infact he goes on saying whatever you seeing something is prospering there is divine into it . That’s surest way to manifest Divine.

Monday, April 19, 2010

World is a part of my self In Yoga of divine glories :WS 77: Bhagvad Gita in Managing self

In all these chapters Krishna, was giving details, about how he has expressed in the world . But in the concluding verses, he tells to Arjuna that the whole world is infact a part of him which means it is an express< ion of him . So here he summarizes all that he had spoken in the earlier verses.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Road to Glory:WS76:Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

Krishna mentions in Bhagvad Gita that whatever is glorious, that is infact the expression of Soul. Beings that are glorious, they actually express soul in a better way. Whatever is magnified, and famous, and looks more noble then it actually is ,that is where the soul has expressed himself, in a more articulate fashion.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Road to Prosperity : Wisdom Stimulus 75 : Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

Prosperity itself is an expression of soul in the material plane . Anywhere you see something is prospering , you understand, there is where the soul is manifesting in the material plane.

Prosperity is a feminine quality . The consort of Vishnu is known as Lakshmi . Lakshmi is considered as Goddess of Prosperity . Lakshmi gives you

2. Prosperity
3. Speech
4. Memory
6. firmness
7 .Forgiveness

The manifestation of the soul in a material plane brings an systematic growth . The feminine quality of Krishna, which is Lakshmi transform a person’s from destitute and poverty state to the state of wealth and wellbeing . She does it a very systematic organized way . She sustains the home , she sustains your career and she makes you grow . Lakshmi encourages people to acquire and maintain wealth in a process oriented manner. If you wanted to move on the road of prosperity then lakshmi willgive small and simple steps to attain that . Indeed, Lakshmi is the femine manifestation of Lord Krishna .


There are two aspects . One is said as inner prosperity , and the other is denoted as outer prosperity . It is inner prosperity in you mind that expresses as outer prosperity .

The Road of Prosperity starts from Karma Yoga. When you act without expectation , your action shows consistency. Otherwise, you actions cannot be consistent .

Road to Prosperity starts when you can go on doing, what you are doing . It requires ….

1.Concentrated Action
2.Consistent Actions
3.Co-operative Actions

Friday, April 16, 2010

I am the seed of everything : Wisdom Stimulus 84 :Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

When we are focusing on the seed , we are focusing on the fundamentals . When the fundamentals of living is in order the rest follows .

Normally when we try to eat a fruit we don’t focus on the pulp . Pulp is juicy and tasty . However the pulp has no power to reproduce a new fruit . Seed has that capability . That’s why when one focuses on the seed he builds the capability to build his own world . The soul which is represented by Krishna , is the seed of everything .

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am the seed of Everything and I am silence : Wisdom Stimulus 73

The soul is the silence, and at the same time he is the seed of everything . It is true that we need to have a fresh look at this knowledge .

The soui creates the world of itself . This is of three basic elements

1. The Soul or Krishna is the beginning
2. The Soul or Krishna is also the middle
3. The Soul or Krishna is the end too.

When he mentions about science , he says that he is the science of self and when he mentions about controversialist, he says that he is the logic .

Controversialist generally work with the logic . If you see the spirituality is also expressed by science . In modern quantum physics there are lot of theories, which are based on metaphysical and abstract understanding .

The Natural sciences focuses on understanding the principle of Nature . Krishna says he is the science of the spirit . By the spiritual science what Krishna describes in Bhagvad Gita ,as the formation of a true spirit.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Understanding Yagna - 2 : Wisdom Stimulus 72 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in self management

The ceremony of Yagna helps one to sacrifice himself to divine and attain the power or siddhi as a fruit of the sacrifice . All these power describes by Krishna , indicates that the sadhana between this beings has got some perfection and so divine has descended in them . This is the case with all commun be it a human or animal . Each of them, when after there connectivity with soul, express the souls power in there community . In a sense all being , are doing sadhana to reach perfection . After doing the sadhana they reach such perfection like the thunderbolt , which is the most perfect form of all weapons . If you look at cow , then Surabhi looks as most perfected one – as it is a wish fulfilling cow and wish fulfilling is a common characteristics of a better quality of cow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wisdom Stimulus 71 : Understanding Yagna – 1 : Appllication of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Yagna - the fire worship was the central ritual of Indian Ancient Civilization which continued till now. Krishna now explains his descend in Man and animal plane . This is the plane where the soul is visible to highest extent. Yagna is seen as a central cause of outer visibility.

On man ,krishna is the king, and here he refers that the king is one of the highest expression of soul . In the whole Bhagvad Gita , Lord Krishna emphasizes the concept of YAgna or sacrifice by which the world is maintained .

Monday, April 12, 2010

I am Infinity : Wisdom Stimulus 70 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Managing Self

Krishna goes on describing his infinte aspect ,and he says that among the trees, he is the pepul tree . He, also mentions that among the divine sages he is Narada, among the Gandharvas he is Cithartha, and among the perfected sage he is kapila . This way, he describe the aspect of soul, expressed in the world.

Sage Narada is one of the Greatest Example of Devotion . If you absorb the works at Sage Narada then you can understand , he has reached a highest level of perfection in Devotion. He wrote “Aphorism of Bhakti “ which gives you an solid framework, on developing Pure Bhakti . The soul represented by Lord Krishna, which stays in oneness , expresses as Narada which indicates the perfection of Inifinite Devotion .

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Understanding OM : Wisdom Stimulus 69 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna now says that he is the Bhrigu, among the great sages . Here again Lord Krishna mentions that among the words he is monosyllable Om .He also says that he is Himalayas, among immovable things . Somehow he gives a beautiful idea of an inclusive expression of soul , which is both in form, and also formless.

Om, On the Vedas, A Clue to Understanding of the Vedas

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lord of Wealth :Wisdom Stimulus 68 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Managing Self

The expression of soul’s power continues to be in diversified objects, around the word . Lord Krishna’s explanation on his presence, in different beings, and things become more vivid, when he explain, that how he is Shankara among Rudras . The world of Rudras, are said to be existing on the consciousness of oneness. The most highly perfected Rudra , whose mere presence burn out the duality, and makes one to return back, to oneness is Shankara . Shankara, is also known as the great lord of the Universe , “Shiva” , who is consciously absorbed in the oneness, of the entire Universe .

Lord Krishna, then identifies himself, as Kubera who is also the Lord of Wealth . Kubera is the master of Yakshas alongwith Rakshas , who seem to be the protector of wealth. Kubera, gives the essential quality of preserving and protecting the wealth .

Further, Lord Krishna continues, that he is the Meru Mountain , which is the best among all the mountain, and which is also the home of many great sages and rishis .
While moving ahead, he elaborates that he expresses as the chief priest of the Kings, who is known as Brihaspati. At the same time , he is also the skanda , the great army general and saviour of Gods. He also pointed out that he is the Ocean among the lakes .

This way Lord Krishnas gives example how different expressions of the soul, manifest in the world and become perfected.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Living from the heart :Wisdom Stimulus 67 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Krishna further explore the concept of his existence in the heart and while doing so he also identifies himself as as the Vishnu among the luminaries . . He indicated that he is the Marichi among Maruts, and he is the moon among the stars . He further explored that among Vedas he is the Samveda and Vasava among the gods and mind among the senses at the same time the intelligence among the living beings. These , which he indicates, as himself, are the most perfect expression of soul .

There are two forms of power . In the first case the power is evolving , in the second case the power is stable .Krishna when refer himself as something in the world , that means that that particular object has reached a point of perfection .
Senses have evolved in the highest extent ,and then the highest level of sense has been considered as mind . Living beings have been evolving . The highest extent of that evolution is where the living being becomes intelligence .

The supreme word which is coming to the heart, and then from the heart it is expressing to the external world . When these expression is reaching in perfection , then he is denoting that is where, he himself has take form .

By self effort you are moving to higher planes . That higher plane is the plane of Sat- Chit – anand. On that plane , the supreme word exist . Now you are bringing that supreme word in your heart , that is establishing Krishna in you . From there , Krishna expresses in the world . And the expression of soul is of two types . In the first type it is evolving, and the second type reached the perfection.

Wisdom Stimulus course is a movement from knowledge to wisdom . When you can absorb you start on expressing certain qualities of soul , which we call as becoming . From becoming you move to being, that is reaching the Sat-chit-ananda consciousness.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yogic Powers : Wisdom Stimulus 66 : Application of Bhagvad Gita for Managing Self

Krishna explain different forms of souls power to Arjuna . While, talking on Soul’s power, he also mentions that there is no end to the power of him , who is the objectified form of soul , as power of soul, is endless . Everything has emerged out from soul . However , he then becomes a little specific after some time , and throws light on the location of the soul in being .That is where he mentions that he is in the heart of all the beings . He also adds that he is beginning, and end, and the middle of all the beings .
By this he means that the foundation of all yogic power is heart . Once the supreme word descends in the heart, then the heart gets purified, and mind reaches a state of tranquility, and become focused. That focused mind is the source of all powers .

This yogic power do exist in every being .. One of the very important idea, we have to understand about the world around us, that it is the manifestation of yogic powers .. Sri Aurobindo a great mystic of 20th century says that “ All life is Yoga “ . There are two ways , we are doing yoga . One is we are doing consciously, and the other we are doing unconsciously . Some are conscious about and others unconscious , but we are never out from the scheme of yoga carried on by the World Soul.

Why one couldn't we recognize the workings of yogic power in daily life ?

When the heart gets purified, then one can recognize, that all things are originating from the soul. Once you realize that everything is originating from the soul, then you find a thread, by which you can relate all the diversified activities into one single framework.

This simple realization makes the mind absolutely focused . Now your mind doesn’t shifts here and there , it remains on a single point .

Right now , I am writing this words and you are reading , and while you are reading , if you observe carefully , then you will see that there a portion is mind , which is spontaneously accepting or rejecting all the ideas , I am writing about .

This portion of mind which can be denoted as conscious mind, is very unfocussed by its very nature . Why so ? Just because it is bombared, with inputs from different sense organs . It is continuously facing the problem information overload.

The conscious mind, is so much disturbed by external ogents of world , it could not take responsibility for regulating your biological function . Your biological functions , like breathing , metabolism , they happens in your body automatically , without your active participation .

The organization of mind starts with purification process. Half of the time , we are slaves of subconscious and unconscious mind . Lord Krishna in many verses of Bhagvad Gita emphasizes the importance of purification of mind to reach in a state of oneness with the soul.

Yoga is stilling the all compartments of mind to reach that oneness. Once the mind is purified then you can experience that Krishna stays on the heart of all being . That experience gives you yogic power .

Read More about Yogic Powers

Yogic powers and god realisation, (Bhavan's book university)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Knowing Yourself by Yourself : Wisdom Stimulus 65 : Application of Bhagavd Gita in Self Management

Finally, Arrjuna got the Yoga of Discrimination . That means he got the right intellect by whch he can dissociate with adharma and associate with dharma by Krishnas Compassion. In the upcoming verses , he expresses these understanding and founds the reality of Krishna.

To start with , Arjuna conception about Krishna was limited to friendship .But from this next verses , you see that Arjuna is considering Krishna as a God – one who is orb of human being.

The very important characteristics that they know themselves by there own self - What we call as that he have attained self knowledge . The knowledge for them sprungs from inside . It is not only the Knowledge of these world butt also the knowledge of other worlds which sprungs from inside . There is nothing to be known from outside ,it automatically comes from inside.

After realizing that Krishna is an enlightened being who is the manifestation of the divine himself , he now starts asking about divine glories .

Now the surrendering starts happening in Arjuna . He now says that I cannot gain this knowledge with meditating . So you tell me more about it . How shall I know you , while meditate on you ? What are the aspects and what are the things , I should think , inorder to know you ?
What would be my thought process to know you ?
Tell me more about your glories . Lord Krishna has already about his power and glories . He told , that he is the supreme word and expresses into this world .

He had also told about the Yoga of discrimination and his compassion on how destroy darken and lights the light of knowledge.

The soul is the highest principle in this world . It is the cause of the world . After a long Journey with Krishna , Arjuna seems to be understanding this basics of soul . He now recognize that what the sages have declared is true . That Krishna is the objectified form of Brahman. It is indeed to difficult to know the soul in its complete proportion. Arjuna also puts a very important understanding on how self knowledge or the knowledge of the soul is gained . It knows itself by itself, and it is one of the most important characteristics of the soul . If we try to continue the threads of the thought where Krishna explains how supreme word manifest and expresses in this world , and one who is established in the supreme word like Lord Krishna , he is the source of the all beings . In further expanding his thought he continues to says that to move towards the world of higher principle which is based on the supreme word , one has to remove the dirt, and move towards purity by using the Yoga of discrimination . It is when the Yoga of discrimination, and the Compassion of Lord Krishna, has started manifesting that Arjuna start recognizing the divine glory of Lord Krishna.

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