Thursday, July 8, 2010

Swadharma,Destiny and freewill : Wisdom Stimulus 157 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Houd Menon ( Chandigarh ) : How do we reduce Work load ?

Work is a load , when we don’t enjoy the work . As when we don’t enjoy a work, our mind becomes de-focussed . It runs in several directions, and that’s why it becomes divided . The divided mind is the source of all perception, regarding the loads of work . When a person enjoys his work , his mind becomes focused, and work is never a load, at that point . The only way to reduce workload is make your mind focused. Sri Krishna talks about a concept called “Swadharma” in Bhagvad Gita . He instructs Arjuna that is better to die performing “Swadharma” , then living performing “Paradharma” activites . By Swadharma what Sri Krishna means in Bhagvad Gita is a individual inherent tendencies which can be referred as his own nature , what a person would automatically love to do . When a person acts according to his swadharma ,his mind becomes automatically focused and he doesn’t feel any load of work . For example for a IT professional who loves technology, and equally have it as his profession, learning and practicing new technological innovation becomes a source of relaxation not load . But for one who is forced to be an IT professional, every new technology brings a big work load to him and becomes his nightmare .

Ashish Kumar (Delhi) What is the role of destiny vice-versa free will ?

Sri Krishna devotes around 6 chapters in Yoga of Knowledge of Bhagvad Gita, to explain this concept of destiny, and free will in depth . The summary of it, can be stated, like this – “Every individual has an option of living by choice or living by chance” . Unless he gains knowledge by practicing the Yoga of Knowledge, and become wise , there is apparently no chance for a person, to live according to the choices he made. Once he become wise then, he stops living by chances, programmed by destiny and starts living by choices . Yoga of knowledge helps one to put a individual in a right direction, and that makes him free to live a life according to his choices and not by chances. However, one should not expect that Wisdom could be in calculated in one day . It is a gradual process of learning and experiencing which can convert the mind and build wise ness . That why it is suggested to join the classes of Wisdom Stimulus everyday from 20-30-21-30 IST at Wiziq and build wisdom gradually with practical application through Wisdom/Spiritual Diary.

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