Thursday, July 15, 2010

Acting in Oneness : Wisdom Stimulus 164 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Sri Krishna here declares one of the hallmarks of Adwatic thought process. The Adwatic process, which declares the universe as one consciousness , is main theme behind the “Yoga of Knowledge “. However, Lord Krishna here shows, that the self is action less, and all the action is done by nature, It is a leap forward to get into the ultimate themes of adwaitic philosophy While Lord Krishna, delivers the entire, “Yoga of Knowledge” in a incremental basis. That way he only gives the highest truth, when the mind of the listener, (Arjuna) is ready for the purpose. That’s why we can see, Lord Krishna emanating knowledge in a ongoing and step by step manner on field and knower of field . Below are the steps he followed to give a complete idea on field and knower of field .

1. Lord Krishna describes the Field and the knower of Field.
2. Lord Krishna describes the formation of beings, from the union of field and knower of field.
3. Lord Krishna describes the imperishable aspect of that being in perishable body.
4. Lord Krishna declares that focusing on imperishable brings oneness with all individual.
5. Lord Krishna makes Arjuna aware of the benefit of such oneness where the self is not destroyed, by other selves and harmony comes instead of hatred.
6. Lord Krishna moves ahead and shows that imperishable aspect of the soul is actionless, and all action is carried by nature.

Infact , he also goes on saying that we have wrong perception that we do all the actions . It is not so, it is the nature who does those action and we are bounded by the nature . The whole journey of Yoga of knowledge becomes, than moving from lower nature, where we are bounded by the natural principles, to higher natures where we move to self, which is action less and free from natural laws .

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