Friday, April 23, 2010

Yoga of Divine Glories – A summary :Wisdom Stimulus

There are 42 verses, in “ Yoga of Divine Glories” and each of the verses, is a path towards, understanding the divine expression in the world , more accurately.

Why Yoga of Divine Glories ?

Most of the time , when we follow any spiritual path, we start shunning the world . Moving forward the spiritual practioner becomes very inward, and could not express herself in a positive way, in the society . That brings a different himself in sharp contradiction to social scenarios. “Yoga of Divine Glories” shows a way to integrate spirituality with the world . It denotes that whatever excellent, beautiful , famous things, you see they are all a part of Divine Glory . This helps one to move towards, more inclusive spiritual path . When you drive yourself towards an inclusive spiritual path, you not only develop yourself inwardly, but also develop yourself outwardly.

At the same time it proves a very important assumption that the whole universe is an expression of Divine . When you start observing things, from the perspective ,that, the world is an expression of Divine , in the process of evolution, there is a remarkable change in the whole point of view of life .

In the last session , this was the major theme ? We can recollect, that Lord Krishna is telling , that world is a part of myself .By this statement, he is making a very important point . He is indicating that the soul, is much broader , much wider and much deeper, how it is expressed in the world .

The divine expressing of soul in the world , is not completed yet . The expression is still evolving , so the perfection of the expression has not come .

Might be, there, will be a new race which will come after Homosapiens as part of the evolution from .human race towards more divine race. As we can see that humans are more divine , then monkeys and chimapanzees . As the humans, are self aware, creatures . They are more intelligent compare to there ancestor. We, humans, have become aware of the existence of the mind in us and its function in the world .

All that vices you see on the world , along with the virtues proves the fact that the expression, is still evolving . The perfection has not been reached till now .

In this Yoga of Divine Glories, on all the 42 verses, Lord Krishna expresses himself as different beings , objects in the world . While he expresses he points out, that those external objects, has reached the point of perfection which can expresses the divine soul which is Lord Krishna in them .

All the 41 verses he is giving details that how the divine glories is expressed . However , In the 42nd verse , he asks Arjuna, no need to go through these details , and again reaffirms that the whole world is a part of him ( the soul) .

So ,in the first 41 verses , he breaks himself into different expression , in the 43rd verse , he brings a synthesis, of all the division he has done on the last 41 verses .

That is where the Chapter on “Yoga of Divine Glories ends “ .

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