Friday, July 30, 2010

Choosing Career and Convincing People : Wisdom Stimulus 178 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Vijay Bhaskaran : How to choose the right direction in between a mid career change ?

Sri Joydip: Lord Krishna mentions in Bhagvad Gita about “Swadharma” . Swadharma is a important principles according to him , to carry out action according one own inherent nature . This is how one should make his career choices . Swadharma can help one to take important direction in one’s career . Success is the career requires you to bear with maximum number of failure . It is only when you do something you love to do , as it is based on your swadharma ,you can bear this failure and become more competent . If you swadharma is of painter don’t get into stock market , just because stock analyst offers your more money and opportunity . Lord Krishna it is better to die performing to die performing swadharma , then to live doing paradharma. Reflect on your inherent nature , that is the kind of work which comes to you naturally and you have some natural talent into it , and at the same time you love it . After this reflection , you would be choose the right direction between a career change .

Remember : If you choose a career which not according to swadharma , you might have to return back to a career which is according to your swadharam , that would mean a lapse of time , inbetween . Rather losing 4 years , loose 4 days to reflect and find out what is your swadharma and what would be the right career choice for it .

Vijay Bhaskaran : How to convince people and get them in your way of thinking ?
Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita , takes Arjuna into his way of thinking . While doing so , he follows some principle which can used by any managers to take people in his way of thinking as a leader does.

Sri Joydip:

1.In the whole first chapter of Bhagvad Gita ,Krishna listen to Arjuna and never speaks a word . This is the first skill you require to listen other , before you try to express your thinking .

2.On the whole Bhagvad Gita , even knowing that Arjuna was always falling short of the understanding of a deep complex philosophy , he never stopped praising Arjuna for whatever he has understood . Lord Krishna often before any important discourse or philosophical points showered with praise to Arjuna to make his mind receptive to Lord Krishna way of thinking .

3.However at certain times , he found that Arjuna mindset requires a change and that is the time when to criticized him indirectly.

4. At every chapter of Bhagvad Gita ,Lord Krishna is able to generate
an eager want in the mind of Arjuna to listen the next important
discourses . He had a perfect understanding of Arjuna’s emotional
state and delivered a knowledge according to the growing maturity
Of his mind.

5.In all chapters Lord Krishna transformed a man,who is about to run away from a battle , due to his emotional despondency and who had his own
definition of ethics and spirituality which are most of the times
confusing to a man of strong character , ready to take the
challenges of life and win the battle, just by power of his thought .

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Attachment : Wisdom Stimulus 177 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna here clarifies the attachment map of different gunas . The sattwa or purity gets attached to happiness , the rajas or the passion gets attached to action , and the tamas gets attached to indolence .

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inertia : Wisdom Stimulus 176 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna in this verse talks about inertia . Now, what is inertia ? . Can stillness which comes from purity, be equated with inertia . Obviously not. It is true that inertia bind a person into ignorance and he can then fall into the grasp of sleep and indolence. At the same time , Inertia deludes and binds fast, any embodied being to less activity . But, then when people are wise , they are also less active . However the cessation of activity, with wise ness is a positive phenomenon, where one choose to act or not to act on based of deep understanding. In case of inertia, one chooses not to act because of ignorance .

Monday, July 26, 2010

Passion : Wisdom Stimulus 175 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna Mentions “Rajas”, to be of the nature of passion, the source of thirst (for sensual enjoyment) and attachment. Passion is a driving force. However one need to be a good driver, to put this driving force into constructive action.

Purity : Wisdom Stimulus 174 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Lord Krishna continues that Sattwa (Purity), which from its stainlessness is luminous and healthy, binds by attachment to knowledge and to happiness. One must also have the courage to go cross higher stages of personality leaving sattwa(Purity) and reach the ultimate goal of self realization.

Truth : Wisdom Stimulus 173 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Jamai :What is truth and how to reach it . Why did Arjuna and Sri Krishna engaged on disciussion in Bhagvad Gita about truth ?

Sri Joydip :Let me tell you story, to explain,n what is truth, and how to reach it . King Janaka, saw himself playing a role of beggar in a dream . Becoming very disturbed on the scene, he seek advise of Sage Astavakra that whether he is the beggar on the dream or the King in waking . Sage Astavakra replied that he is neither of them . Both of the identity changes , but the truth never changes which is with him . Infact that is Why Krishna and Arjuna, enaged in a debate to bring the changeless truth in changing time. ..