Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I exist : Wisdom Stimulus 79 : Bhagvad Gita for Management

Each of the verses we discussed on Bhagvad Gita on Chapter Ten, are knitted together to give a unified understanding about Bhagvad G to a individual . It indicates that “I exist” . This “I” which is referred here ,is not the ego , it is the underlying spirit . Each verses, goes on telling the same truth on different perspective of the spiritual understanding.

The truth is that the spirit is the foundation for the everything around him. When we realize this truth, we start experiencing a different reality . We start experiencing the inner life within us, apart from the outer life, which we are so involved with . It gives us a scope to stand back from the whirlwind of the external life.

The world is existing , because of the spirit . But spirit does exist because of the world . From it, the world emerges. It has no beginning , no middle , and it ends on the spirit .

Taking an example that you have different stages in your life

1. Childhood
2. Adolescent
3. Youth
4. Middle Age
5. Old Age

Individual existed when they are child, and they are still existing when they have become old .

Your existence doesn’t depends on the stages of the life you encounter .

"You Exist" .

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