Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Shiva Sutras :Timeless Wisdom from Lord Shiva on Managing Ourselves

In the auspicious night of Shivaratri, Sri Joydip, one of the leading Management Guru, in the world ,and WiZiQ, the premier education platform, bring you an intensive and personalized course for 5 hours from 10-00 p.m IST to 5-00 a.m IST on 'The Shiva Sutras – Timeless Wisdom from Lord Shiva on Managing Ourselves'.

Shiva Sutras doesn’t talk about morality , rules or activity . It doesn’t believe in cutting the Branches . Lord Shiva, the first Guru of the Universe, straight away transforms the root, and change the believes, we have about ourselves. He doesn’t gives any teaching , rules or morality .He makes the rules and morality flourish automatically, when one has a purified belief system. That’s why Siva sutras are the strategies of liberation, and the science of supreme identity. There cannot be a better day to learn Shiva Sutras then Shiva Ratri – the auspicious night dedicated to Shiva.

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