Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Fight against global terrorism is creating it ?

"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood"

- Artcle 1 in United Nations Universal Declaration of human rights (UDHR)

Is this a mere academic statement ? . How much of it, is practiced in global context ? Recently , Human Rights watch ,published a detailed documentation about how criminal prosecution has been done on some developed countries to innocent terrorist, suspect, with using minimal evidence. See the report

The fight against global terrorism should not create the same, in any form . That is the sure way to make us defeated , in the war against global terrorism. The effect of an innocent , getting punished, by loosely defined terrorism laws is severe. Rather then decreasing the participation of civil society in terrorist outfits, it could increase it . By any means there has to be substantial legal reforms, globally ,that innocent doesn't get punished . This should be the objective of any juidicial system throughout the world.


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Credit crisis 2008 : The worst ever financial crisis in last 60 years ?

I have been contemplating on the idea, that, what makes a great food for constructive financial thought,for some time . What can be a better time, than now, to explore, that contemplation, in new dimension, with one of the worst financial crisis within last 60 years hitting hard globally, -'The Credit crisis of 2008'.

Here is what, successful Hedge Fund manager, George Soras, says in Financial tmes, who is also the chairman of Soros Fund Management way back in January 23,2008 in The Financial Times Article .

Things has deteriorated further, from there, and it seems, that the global financial institution are in a free fall . George makes an interesting comment on the article about the general perception on market moving towards equilibrium. An alumni of London school of business , talking apart from the crowd , says , that the market generally does not move towards an equilibrium. It is the reflexive systems of collective sentiments that create the realities of the market .

Few years back , I have been writing the same ideas, though was coined very differently . On my first book named as "You can perform miracles too" - YCPT , I was referring to a principle thought which establishes that 'consciousness creates reality' . The change of consciousness can lead to change of reality . Same way market has its own consciousness , which is somehow a dependent phenomenon, on the collective sentiments ruled either by fear, or by optimism. So there is the boom-burst cycle . A collective fear creates the burst cycle . Same way , a collective optimism makes the boom cycle. It proves the fact that market consciousness is representation of the collective emotions on global scale .

The new range of technology and connectivity has given rise to new levels of scalability on market sentiments . So when there is fear , it spreads from one corner to another corner within the fall of eyelid, resulting sudden bail outs of investors . When there is a collective hope springs up , suddenly you see a huge number of funds flowing on the same markets . This kind of fluctuation is the reason , there is a need of regulation .However, it seems our financial institution have gone a long way, on making irresponsible, and complex financial instruments ,which have become somehow so hard to regulate, that the regulators , have put their hands up, and expect the institution in their own, to regulate their products, without the broader understanding of macro-economic interest .

The result is what a selfish and greedy profit seeker corporate professionals should achieve, in the cost of negligence of wider macroeconomic factors.In that situation , what better can be expected other than a credit crisis, which is shaking the fundamentals of not only financial institution but also the policies related to structural adjustment , globalisation and neo-liberal reforms ?