Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 129 : Verse 12.10

Both attraction and repulsion are illusion. You are always attracted to one which shows more signs of faith , then the other . Yet, it can be very deceptive. That which attracts you now , repulses you after some time.

That is when the question comes - What is Bhakti ? Is it a lifestyle ? Does it depends in costumes you wear ? Words you speak ? . Bhakti is infact, a state of mind, where you feel connected with the whole universes.

Faith is a important tool on creating the bridge between the human and divine consciousness where you feel connected with the whole universe. It is with faith , the sincerity follows. Faith is again an inner state of mind and nothing to do, with the appearance you make, to claim you are faithful .

Whenever faith is equalized, with appearing faithful, the world is subjected to most violent form of wars. History, can give a lot of examples of wars, taken by religion, on the ground of external signs of faith ,and not the real faith. Real faith brings oneness and not division.

Half of the war in the world , was stopped by true understanding of faith, and other half of the war, started by misunderstanding faith. Understanding faith is too important for the globalized world, to keep it only in hand of religious propagandist.

True understanding of faith and devotion comes with practice . However, Sri Krishna gives an way , even when the person is stumbling in practice . He ask them, to surrender all there actions to him. This surrender of actions helps them to grow the inner faith.

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