Thursday, February 5, 2009

Transforming the Energy

I have an opportunity to meet Swami Sri Ramji .He runs the Keshav Ashram in Ujjali,Uttarkashi .

I was deeply touched with his presence and the energy, which he radiates . We had a very wonderful interaction . I am putting this interaction, online, that you can also be a part of it.

1. Do you think transformation can happen to human beings ?

Yes it can . The approach essentially has to be from Body . You see the humans, when they are young , had a natural state of concentration . But, when they matures these concentration evades . It might stay for some selected . But, in general people losses the ability to concentrate . This lack of concentration often results to different form of disease . One can approach to these disease, with different Yogas I teach , where we help people to concentrate, and cure from the set of diseases they faces.

2. Normally, we see the child is not concentrated at all . They seem to us very fickle minded . But you say that the child and the young people are very concentrated ?

The child is concentrated , but not in a manner the society wants him to be.

3. What is the difference between societies perception of concentration, and the natural concentration you talk about ?

The natural concentration is there, with every human being, when he was child . But, when he grows up, then the society perception of concentration, is projected in the mind of child . He looses his own natural concentration, and starts moving in the direction of the society . Society starts regulating his life , and the inner joy of living is lost . However , he always seeks for this natural concentration, through out his life , through accomplishment , expecting that the inner joy which he had, will come back to him .

This search for joy , continues throughout the life time , and the majority, does not find that state of consciousness again . For example, a forest seems to be disorganized, and not in the levels of human utility from outside . The garden, can look to him very organized . However , the fact remains that any garden is an artificial forest, made by human effort, which satisfies the needs of beauty around human habitat. The forest has his own natural beauty , which obviously cannot be remade by the artificial beauty of garden . Same way , child has a natural concentration which cannot be remade.

Yoga helps a person to connect with the natural concentration, which he had been gifted , when he was child . It is like , getting back to the state of child in you .

Why do we loose the natural concentration ?

We are gifted, with certain state of natural concentration. We loose it because deluded by the projection of the society . Still, an understanding deep down, remains, what the natural state of concentration is . So we keep searching , on different people , different things, this natural state of concentration . However we don't find it . When we comparatively access our state of natural concentration , with others we find ourselves less fortunate, and loose appreciation of it. That’s one reason we start loosing it . Because we think the others have it , and we don't have .

What are the education models you provide to get the natural concentration ?

There are some Meditation ,Asanas and Pranayama , I teach for transformation of energy.

Krishna –I – Pranayam with Meditation and 11 Asana

Krishna II – 25 Asanas ( Sitting)

Krishna III – 15 Asanas

Krishna IV – 12 Asanas

Krishna V – 25 Asanas (Standing)

One can come in my ashram in Uttarkashi ( email – ) to learn this set of asanas and Pranayams .

Sometimes I also conduct different training camp around India . So one can join there also to learn ,how to transform energy by bringing back the natural concentration thru Yoga.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Transformational Paintings

“What is an well organized World State ? “ . After hearing such a revealing music with one disciple of Pandit Ravishankar I was wandering , that it should be the ability to flow with things . While listening the sitar , I was completely into the process of hearing .For sometime, all the concerns and, thoughts and other afflictions were gone.

In the morning, I was talking about this flow with ‘Ongkie Tan’ and Indonesia born artist, and his insights where very revealing.

He has spend a long time in US, .At the same time , he has done his solo and group exhibitions, with different group of peoples and places around the world .

“An well organized state is a mental state, and it has nothing to do with the physical condition . I draw pictures of different shapes and types of my own spiritual experiences and lot of people come to ask me , why have you drawn this . I say , I don’t understand , I don’t know, I don't have to know ? .” –Ongkie says me .

I said , “sounds interesting”. He continues . “ I have seen a lot of people who doesn’t meditate ,however they remain in a deep spiritual state . Art is a form of meditation , I don’t draw just because , I think , I should draw. I draw because I love it, and it transforms me giving, new experience of life and living .Painting is a part of my being , I can’t live without it.”