Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Can the process of starting business make easier ?

Starting a Business was never easy. The most important bottleneck which an entrepreneur faces while starting a business is lack of knowledge. The problem gets bigger when he doesn’t know what he had to know. So the only alternative is learning by burning your finger. When I started up , I didn’t get any courses , which could give me, clarity and direction, on what I should do and what I shouldn’t . I search for education programs for guiding my entrepreneurial Journey. I got enrolled into some of them, which are mostly leaded by business associations . However, I found that those organization has become too big to understand the issues which a small , company specially a startup faces . The only way left out, was to learn by making mistakes.I don’t think this is an great way . As the expenses of those mistakes are very high.

That’s why, we in Allindailive planned to provide online education programs targeted towards issues which a business startup faces through our elearning portal Allindialive.org . This will be backed by personalized Business consulting and market research services , to those Business startups, that the process, of starting up, can be really easy .

Friday, November 30, 2007

How about having 3 Bottom lines in a Business plan ?

The concept of triple bottomline has been here for sometime . Triple bottomline refers that organisation will extend thier narrow concept of bottomline . So Business should not only think about economic bottomline . But , it would also think about ,how it is making difference to society ,by the social bottom line, which is popularly referred as Corporate Social responsibility .

The most important addition in the traditional bottomline concept is the enviromental bottomline ,which is by an by becoming very important. Seeing the detoriation of enviromental situation , one can always refer this as as the most important compare to the other two bottomlines.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Can we plan for Organizational Change and World Transformation ?

All nations and also the entire world are a combination of organizational instruments for the end user citizen. This organizational instruments are very powerful to influence day to day life of citizens. The advantage here is mostly this organizational instruments are disruptive and there are inner conflicts and outer conflcts which make run . This is the fun of democracy.

The life in world depends on how it handles its short term interest and understands what is the extent it will continue to focus on the short term interest and what is the extent it will trade-off with long term interest . Now the journey from short term interest to long term interest is mainly evolutionary and it moves from one milestone to another milestones. There are few who can see the ultimate milestone and chart his journey . The others are the one who sees the milestones of their life in evolutionary way.