Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) VI : WS 90 : Bhagvad Gita for Managing Self

When a being reaches the consciousness of oneness, he expands on to different directions . The drop of mind and ego makes his the part of the infinite consciousness. Staying on the infinite consciousness, makes one to move out from the demarcation of direction. which one has made , and all the directions starts uniting in him. A Divine being emerges who have the garland ,like the physical universe.

It is when one reaches to the state of cosmic deep sleep, that he brings out the expression of the cosmic body, which is expanded around the entire universe and which is emerges as a resplendent being, which is endless . The metaphors are allegorical which is in fact explaining the movement towards the cosmic consciousness from the Individual conciousness . A movement from Pragna to Virat , Hiryangarbha and Iswara is described here in this entire chapter where consciousness of deep sleep, expands to the entire Universe .

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