Saturday, May 9, 2009

Business Transformation VIII : Learning Business Transformation

Can a subject like Business Transformation be educated ? This is an obvious question which comes when we talk about which infact is an integral field and takes its component from different areas to define its boundary . Learning Business Transformation would having a high degree of Mathametical and IT skills alongwith good understanding Business Strategy . The most important part is to learn what Entreprenuership is all as they are people who intiates business transformation in a organization . The learning has to also move through Business planning and behavioral sciences . Here is a brief description on some of the learning parths of Business Transformation .

Personal Transformation Program

Business Planning for Business Transformation
Businesss Transformation for Entreprenuership
Softskills for Business Transformation
Human Resource Management for Business Transformation
Organisational Behaviour for Business Transformation
Financial Planning for Business Transformation

In the next few writings , I will take on each learning paths and describe how it could help on reaching the learning goals of Business Transformation.

Business Transformation VII : Building a Vision

Business transformation projects from “consulting proposal to delivery” has one thing very common. It is the requirement of a clear , defined and precise vision statement . This is what , moves the transformation process . There are doubts in organization that how much of the time would be send on defining higher laws for the Business . Let me dispel ,those doubts . An organization is a collective activity and it requires a collective consensus to operate in harmony . Without higher laws and vision in place , it is very hard for a volume of people to move on the same direction which would be beneficial for the welfare of the organization .That’s why vision, mission and principle statement is a very important tool which creates purpose for the organization both inside and outside . It is by these values that organization start getting mind space of the people . It is needless to say , that people buy a brand which is in there mind space . This basic has to be followed on making any business transformation proposal.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Business Transformation VI : Managed Service and Application Development

There are different forms of outsourcing model which are existing today . However the economic pressure will create a consolidating move. Solo-sourcing is already in challenge . It is too risky to concentrate only in one vendor . The Multiple sourcing is still alive . This is where companies meet there outsourcing goals from a number of vendors . Still ,the tough economic climate is making one outsourcing model most ‘sought after model’ – i.e Best of Breed model . This is where the niche suppliers are brought into and they not only cut cost ,but creates a lot of value. This intrinsic value is something which will determine the survival of a company on the long period of present recession which Past Chairman of Infosys ‘Narayanmurthy’ refers as the “Mother of all Recession”.

Obviously these recession brings a new form of Budgetary pressure to the business model and need for a shared risk and reward model would be adopted by increasing number of corporation.

This way, Managed Service model provides a noninvasive approach to outsourcing. The skills and competencies are provided with customization to client's requirements. It gives a certain degree of flexibility to implement and manage key projects, without the disadvantages of full blown outsourced contracts.

On the top of it there was a new requirement for further specialized managed application suits. This takes it more close and similar to the SAAS ( Software as a Service ) which gives the flexibility of on demand solutions which gives the best of both world – control and flexibility of our information system without the pain or cost of running them yourself which are denoted as the traditional constraint of outsourcing . This also brings closer to the classic ‘economies of scale model’ which gives more for less.

However , the new wave goes even further , and tries to determine that what kind of value on terms of business a managed service provider can give on the top of specialized application suits . This is where the vendor needs to know about the business of the client and how it could be transformed . The value which is generated from this move is much higher as it outsourcing is not moves from transactional to transition and further moves to transformational .

Business Transformation VI : Creative Class and Technology Outsourcing

Last 20 years we have seen ,a new generation of creative professionals emerging in the scenario of IT . However those professionals avoided the ITES companies as it specialized on executing routine jobs. But as the ITES companies of India , move high in the value chain , working in a risk sharing and strategic partnership model, for the outsourcing client , the repetitive work cliché on outsourcing industry is going to break down.

We have already seen a lot of high intellectual population joining ITES bandwagon with the advent of KPO, which is widely considered as Outsourcing 2.0. BTO ( Business Transformation Outsourcing ) which will be considered as Outsourcing 3.0 , lot of highly creative professional will join the ITES bandwagon . As more and more services are going to be online, with the web 3.0 combing with cloud computing movement , the outsourcing 3.0 is going to give tremendous opportunity for unlocking creative potentials, which no other creative platform can possibly give right now .

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Business Transformation V : Market Research

One of the best applications , I have found to have far reaching effect on transforming any web business is Google analytics . Analytics which is set to turn a visitor into a customer , has well thought out Business architectural paradigm .Earlier , I have used Analog and found that it can create a certain degree of clarity of mind , however would not have that transformational experience which analytics have for any website .

Truly , it is one of the best market research tools, where you can exactly understand the patterns of visitors consumption of a particular web assets and create deeper insight about your business , which can change the way you think about your business.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Business Transformation -IV : BTO new outsourcing mantra ?

Is BTO ( Business Transformation Outsourcing) the new mantra for third generation outsourcing Business ?.

All evidence indicates towards that . Now the clients are just not looking for cost cutting by outsourcing . They are looking for more value. They want there business to transform to an Fortune 500 company .They think outsourcing can help on doing that .

Is it possible ?.

With the economic downturn obviously , the expectation are high and the clients are looking for more performance from there vendors.

The market potential for BTO, is expected to be around $680 billion by 2008-09. Also the percentage of BTO services in the outsourcing spectrum is expected to increase from 19% in 2004 to 31% by 2009. ( Ref : ASSOCHAM Study )