Friday, April 30, 2010

The Cosmic Body ( Vishwarupa) IV :Wisdom Stimulus - 88:: Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

No fleshy eye can behold the cosmic form of Lord Krishna .. One can see the cosmic form of Lord Krishna through the eye of intuition, or the divine eye. It, should not be confused, with seeing through the physical eye, or through the mind. It is an inner divine experience, attained through intense devotion and concentration.

The Virat , and the Hiryangrabha and the Iswara, they all has to be seen by the eye of intuition. This makes us move from the lower strata of mind, to the higher strata of mind . In the lower strata of the mind , the sense mind operates . To see the cosmic form or the cosmic vision, from the sense mind is impossible. We have to move from the sense mind to the vital mind, and then from vital mind to the mental mind , and then from the mental mind to Intellectual mind, and from the Intellectual mind, one has to move further to the intuitive mind . From the intuitive mind , one has to move further to higher mind, and from there one has to even take a journey further to the overmind .

Overmind is able to give you a cosmic vision, where you can see oneness of this universe . When, we see the world by sense mind we refer to what we see by the two eyes, we have . if someone has to see has to see the divine vision , he has to open the third eye . The third eye which is called as “Gyana chaksu “ helps you to see the divine vision .

This knowledge eye also helps to see the divine form . This three personalities of Virat – Cosmic Body, and Hiryangarbha – The Cosmic dreamer and Iswara – the cosmic deep sleeper can only be seen when one has Gyana Chaksu open . Then, you can travel from the sense mind, to the overmental consciousness.

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