Saturday, April 24, 2010

End of delusion : Yoga of the vision of Cosmic Form:WS 82

Normally, when you attain knowledge, your delusion starts moving away . Wisdom is one way to remove the delusions , you are having in the mind and make the mind pure and clear . After I listen this glories ( which are expression of soul in world ) , I am now able to understand, that how the principle of soul is working, in the world . By that understanding all of the delusions are removed by mind.

From where does the delusion originates ?

Information is the food for mind, and Wisdom is the digestive power for digesting that food . Like everyday you take food , it is good to take some information and assimilate and internalize it . It improves your mental appetite and ends the delusions in the mind . However most of the time , we could not take information and digest it properly which creates different levels of delusions.

What is the remedy ?

However , divine knowledge has the capability to remove this delusions.

That is what happen to Arjuna , when he listen to the divine glory of Lord Krishna . All the delusions of his mind starts moving away and he becomes established in knowledge .

That is what he expresses on the starting verse of the chapter 10 .

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yoga of Divine Glories – A summary :Wisdom Stimulus

There are 42 verses, in “ Yoga of Divine Glories” and each of the verses, is a path towards, understanding the divine expression in the world , more accurately.

Why Yoga of Divine Glories ?

Most of the time , when we follow any spiritual path, we start shunning the world . Moving forward the spiritual practioner becomes very inward, and could not express herself in a positive way, in the society . That brings a different himself in sharp contradiction to social scenarios. “Yoga of Divine Glories” shows a way to integrate spirituality with the world . It denotes that whatever excellent, beautiful , famous things, you see they are all a part of Divine Glory . This helps one to move towards, more inclusive spiritual path . When you drive yourself towards an inclusive spiritual path, you not only develop yourself inwardly, but also develop yourself outwardly.

At the same time it proves a very important assumption that the whole universe is an expression of Divine . When you start observing things, from the perspective ,that, the world is an expression of Divine , in the process of evolution, there is a remarkable change in the whole point of view of life .

In the last session , this was the major theme ? We can recollect, that Lord Krishna is telling , that world is a part of myself .By this statement, he is making a very important point . He is indicating that the soul, is much broader , much wider and much deeper, how it is expressed in the world .

The divine expressing of soul in the world , is not completed yet . The expression is still evolving , so the perfection of the expression has not come .

Might be, there, will be a new race which will come after Homosapiens as part of the evolution from .human race towards more divine race. As we can see that humans are more divine , then monkeys and chimapanzees . As the humans, are self aware, creatures . They are more intelligent compare to there ancestor. We, humans, have become aware of the existence of the mind in us and its function in the world .

All that vices you see on the world , along with the virtues proves the fact that the expression, is still evolving . The perfection has not been reached till now .

In this Yoga of Divine Glories, on all the 42 verses, Lord Krishna expresses himself as different beings , objects in the world . While he expresses he points out, that those external objects, has reached the point of perfection which can expresses the divine soul which is Lord Krishna in them .

All the 41 verses he is giving details that how the divine glories is expressed . However , In the 42nd verse , he asks Arjuna, no need to go through these details , and again reaffirms that the whole world is a part of him ( the soul) .

So ,in the first 41 verses , he breaks himself into different expression , in the 43rd verse , he brings a synthesis, of all the division he has done on the last 41 verses .

That is where the Chapter on “Yoga of Divine Glories ends “ .

Thursday, April 22, 2010

World is a part of my Self : Wisdom Stimulus -80: Bhagvad gita

In all these chapters Krishna was giving details about how he has expressed in the world . But in the concluding verses he tells to Arjuna, that the whole world is infact a part of him which means it is an expression of him . So here he summarizes all that he had spoken in the earlier verses

While he tells that the whole world is a part of self , he makes a closer link between the creative process from where the world originates . He points out that it is the spirit which is the originator of the world . Sprit is full and whole , and the world is just a part of that spirit .

It seems to be very practical also . Whatever you are seeing in the outer world , that has the root inside . On the “inside”, which is meant by consciousness, is again root of all the expression which we see outside. World is a part of that consciousness which Lord Krishna is referring as his self . Consciousness is broad and wide and lot of it unexpressed or in the process of expression .
Why it is said that the world is a part of that expression ?
It is just because the entire Krishna conciousness ,could not be expressed in the world . It is just a part, which could be expressed and the rest is in the process of expression . So you see the world evolves , as more expression from the spirit starts adding to it .

So the evolution of the world has a direct relation with the expression of the spirit . World is not whole , but the spirit is whole and one . The world came out from the spirit, and it will be back to spirit . Once one understands it ,we becomes equanimous.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I exist : Wisdom Stimulus 79 : Bhagvad Gita for Management

Each of the verses we discussed on Bhagvad Gita on Chapter Ten, are knitted together to give a unified understanding about Bhagvad G to a individual . It indicates that “I exist” . This “I” which is referred here ,is not the ego , it is the underlying spirit . Each verses, goes on telling the same truth on different perspective of the spiritual understanding.

The truth is that the spirit is the foundation for the everything around him. When we realize this truth, we start experiencing a different reality . We start experiencing the inner life within us, apart from the outer life, which we are so involved with . It gives us a scope to stand back from the whirlwind of the external life.

The world is existing , because of the spirit . But spirit does exist because of the world . From it, the world emerges. It has no beginning , no middle , and it ends on the spirit .

Taking an example that you have different stages in your life

1. Childhood
2. Adolescent
3. Youth
4. Middle Age
5. Old Age

Individual existed when they are child, and they are still existing when they have become old .

Your existence doesn’t depends on the stages of the life you encounter .

"You Exist" .

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Manifesting Divine : WS 78 : Bhagad Gita for Managing Self

Today we are having the most important post on the entire session. Its about, how do we manifest divine in our life. In the last 42 verses, whatever we have learned, from chapter 10 this session gives a gist of them. The theme of last 42 verses , was how the soul is expressed on different being and different objects . While Lord Krishna on the last 42 verses he mentions about different qualities – Prosperity , Glory , Success , Wealth . He says these are all, expression of soul . Infact he goes on saying whatever you seeing something is prospering there is divine into it . That’s surest way to manifest Divine.

Monday, April 19, 2010

World is a part of my self In Yoga of divine glories :WS 77: Bhagvad Gita in Managing self

In all these chapters Krishna, was giving details, about how he has expressed in the world . But in the concluding verses, he tells to Arjuna that the whole world is infact a part of him which means it is an express< ion of him . So here he summarizes all that he had spoken in the earlier verses.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Road to Glory:WS76:Bhagvad Gita for Self Management

Krishna mentions in Bhagvad Gita that whatever is glorious, that is infact the expression of Soul. Beings that are glorious, they actually express soul in a better way. Whatever is magnified, and famous, and looks more noble then it actually is ,that is where the soul has expressed himself, in a more articulate fashion.