Sunday, April 25, 2010

Greatness of Soul : WS 83 :Yoga of vision of cosmic form

There are three important approaches towards the growth of soul

1.Shaivate ( the transformative) approach
2.Vishnuaite ( the stabliilty) approach
3.Shakti ( the creativity) approach

Shaivate approach ( Transformative )

1.Takes consciousness as the root of the world
2.Changes in the consciousness is the way to transform world
3.There approach is inside-out

Vishnuaite approach ( Stability)

1.It is balance between inner and outer realities
2.Both inner and outer change has to be balanced , systematic
And process oriented

Shakti approach ( Creative )

1.Innovation and Creativity
2.Outer reality builds the opportunity of innovation which further changes the inner reality .
3.External oriented less emphasis in inner
4.It is an ideal outside-in approach

Each of this path, could lead to the understanding, of the greatness of Soul . Shakti approach is close to karma yoga and expressing one’s creativity , and shiva approach is close to gyana yoga which is founded on the base of attaining wisdom. In vishnuite approach finds love in centre which has both knowledge and action . People of different temperaments take different paths to reach the same goal of recognizing the greatness of soul..

By these ways , the greatness of soul is recognized, as one now can understand the creation , stability and transformation along with its workings.

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