Saturday, June 27, 2009

Business School 2.0 : Strategic positioning for Integrated Education .

Does integrated education, is limited to the idea of consolidation, of different administrative unit only ?

Or it has higher and deeper context ?

Integration of different administrative blocks of education, to one single block, is obviously a good step, to minimize bottlenecks of education management process.

Still , what is the way to address the gap, between the requirement of knowledge workers by Industry, and the availability, made by academia ?

India has missed the manufacturing bus . But, able to capture the service bus .

Could we able to sustain it ,if the academic process of Business Schools for creating Business leaders , entrepreneurs , and mangers doesn’t give sufficient output for the Industry, to sustain the service bus , and grow on consulting sectors.

This is why , ISB&T focuses on Integrated Education, which is not limited to administrative integrity , but also extends to overall integration of interdisciplinary subjects , which one has to excel, to create better output on Industrial level.

Infact , the strategic positioning for building Enterprise2.0 , which transforms business ,is to initially build , business school 2.0 which takes holistic and integral approach to education – where the ideas of profit extends from financial balance sheets ,to social and environmental balance sheets also.