Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yoga of Devotion : Wisdom Stimulus 131 : Verse 12.12 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

In this verse , Sri Krishna does an comparative study, and shows how knowledge is better then action, and meditation is better than knowledge, and how renunciation of the fruit of action, is even better then the meditation, as with renunciation immediately the peace follows . In the last 12 verses, Sri Krishna on answering the question of Arjuna, on worshiping form, and formless worship , has advocated a number of ways to Arjuna, for developing devotion, after declaring that worshipping form is better than worshiping formless . In these verse , he synthesizes , all this way, and make an incremental design, on the spiritual development from action to knowledge , from knowledge to meditation, and from meditation to renunciation of fruit of action.

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