Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am the seed of Everything and I am silence : Wisdom Stimulus 73

The soul is the silence, and at the same time he is the seed of everything . It is true that we need to have a fresh look at this knowledge .

The soui creates the world of itself . This is of three basic elements

1. The Soul or Krishna is the beginning
2. The Soul or Krishna is also the middle
3. The Soul or Krishna is the end too.

When he mentions about science , he says that he is the science of self and when he mentions about controversialist, he says that he is the logic .

Controversialist generally work with the logic . If you see the spirituality is also expressed by science . In modern quantum physics there are lot of theories, which are based on metaphysical and abstract understanding .

The Natural sciences focuses on understanding the principle of Nature . Krishna says he is the science of the spirit . By the spiritual science what Krishna describes in Bhagvad Gita ,as the formation of a true spirit.

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