Friday, April 9, 2010

Living from the heart :Wisdom Stimulus 67 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Krishna further explore the concept of his existence in the heart and while doing so he also identifies himself as as the Vishnu among the luminaries . . He indicated that he is the Marichi among Maruts, and he is the moon among the stars . He further explored that among Vedas he is the Samveda and Vasava among the gods and mind among the senses at the same time the intelligence among the living beings. These , which he indicates, as himself, are the most perfect expression of soul .

There are two forms of power . In the first case the power is evolving , in the second case the power is stable .Krishna when refer himself as something in the world , that means that that particular object has reached a point of perfection .
Senses have evolved in the highest extent ,and then the highest level of sense has been considered as mind . Living beings have been evolving . The highest extent of that evolution is where the living being becomes intelligence .

The supreme word which is coming to the heart, and then from the heart it is expressing to the external world . When these expression is reaching in perfection , then he is denoting that is where, he himself has take form .

By self effort you are moving to higher planes . That higher plane is the plane of Sat- Chit – anand. On that plane , the supreme word exist . Now you are bringing that supreme word in your heart , that is establishing Krishna in you . From there , Krishna expresses in the world . And the expression of soul is of two types . In the first type it is evolving, and the second type reached the perfection.

Wisdom Stimulus course is a movement from knowledge to wisdom . When you can absorb you start on expressing certain qualities of soul , which we call as becoming . From becoming you move to being, that is reaching the Sat-chit-ananda consciousness.

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