Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lord of Wealth :Wisdom Stimulus 68 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Managing Self

The expression of soul’s power continues to be in diversified objects, around the word . Lord Krishna’s explanation on his presence, in different beings, and things become more vivid, when he explain, that how he is Shankara among Rudras . The world of Rudras, are said to be existing on the consciousness of oneness. The most highly perfected Rudra , whose mere presence burn out the duality, and makes one to return back, to oneness is Shankara . Shankara, is also known as the great lord of the Universe , “Shiva” , who is consciously absorbed in the oneness, of the entire Universe .

Lord Krishna, then identifies himself, as Kubera who is also the Lord of Wealth . Kubera is the master of Yakshas alongwith Rakshas , who seem to be the protector of wealth. Kubera, gives the essential quality of preserving and protecting the wealth .

Further, Lord Krishna continues, that he is the Meru Mountain , which is the best among all the mountain, and which is also the home of many great sages and rishis .
While moving ahead, he elaborates that he expresses as the chief priest of the Kings, who is known as Brihaspati. At the same time , he is also the skanda , the great army general and saviour of Gods. He also pointed out that he is the Ocean among the lakes .

This way Lord Krishnas gives example how different expressions of the soul, manifest in the world and become perfected.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Living from the heart :Wisdom Stimulus 67 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Krishna further explore the concept of his existence in the heart and while doing so he also identifies himself as as the Vishnu among the luminaries . . He indicated that he is the Marichi among Maruts, and he is the moon among the stars . He further explored that among Vedas he is the Samveda and Vasava among the gods and mind among the senses at the same time the intelligence among the living beings. These , which he indicates, as himself, are the most perfect expression of soul .

There are two forms of power . In the first case the power is evolving , in the second case the power is stable .Krishna when refer himself as something in the world , that means that that particular object has reached a point of perfection .
Senses have evolved in the highest extent ,and then the highest level of sense has been considered as mind . Living beings have been evolving . The highest extent of that evolution is where the living being becomes intelligence .

The supreme word which is coming to the heart, and then from the heart it is expressing to the external world . When these expression is reaching in perfection , then he is denoting that is where, he himself has take form .

By self effort you are moving to higher planes . That higher plane is the plane of Sat- Chit – anand. On that plane , the supreme word exist . Now you are bringing that supreme word in your heart , that is establishing Krishna in you . From there , Krishna expresses in the world . And the expression of soul is of two types . In the first type it is evolving, and the second type reached the perfection.

Wisdom Stimulus course is a movement from knowledge to wisdom . When you can absorb you start on expressing certain qualities of soul , which we call as becoming . From becoming you move to being, that is reaching the Sat-chit-ananda consciousness.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yogic Powers : Wisdom Stimulus 66 : Application of Bhagvad Gita for Managing Self

Krishna explain different forms of souls power to Arjuna . While, talking on Soul’s power, he also mentions that there is no end to the power of him , who is the objectified form of soul , as power of soul, is endless . Everything has emerged out from soul . However , he then becomes a little specific after some time , and throws light on the location of the soul in being .That is where he mentions that he is in the heart of all the beings . He also adds that he is beginning, and end, and the middle of all the beings .
By this he means that the foundation of all yogic power is heart . Once the supreme word descends in the heart, then the heart gets purified, and mind reaches a state of tranquility, and become focused. That focused mind is the source of all powers .

This yogic power do exist in every being .. One of the very important idea, we have to understand about the world around us, that it is the manifestation of yogic powers .. Sri Aurobindo a great mystic of 20th century says that “ All life is Yoga “ . There are two ways , we are doing yoga . One is we are doing consciously, and the other we are doing unconsciously . Some are conscious about and others unconscious , but we are never out from the scheme of yoga carried on by the World Soul.

Why one couldn't we recognize the workings of yogic power in daily life ?

When the heart gets purified, then one can recognize, that all things are originating from the soul. Once you realize that everything is originating from the soul, then you find a thread, by which you can relate all the diversified activities into one single framework.

This simple realization makes the mind absolutely focused . Now your mind doesn’t shifts here and there , it remains on a single point .

Right now , I am writing this words and you are reading , and while you are reading , if you observe carefully , then you will see that there a portion is mind , which is spontaneously accepting or rejecting all the ideas , I am writing about .

This portion of mind which can be denoted as conscious mind, is very unfocussed by its very nature . Why so ? Just because it is bombared, with inputs from different sense organs . It is continuously facing the problem information overload.

The conscious mind, is so much disturbed by external ogents of world , it could not take responsibility for regulating your biological function . Your biological functions , like breathing , metabolism , they happens in your body automatically , without your active participation .

The organization of mind starts with purification process. Half of the time , we are slaves of subconscious and unconscious mind . Lord Krishna in many verses of Bhagvad Gita emphasizes the importance of purification of mind to reach in a state of oneness with the soul.

Yoga is stilling the all compartments of mind to reach that oneness. Once the mind is purified then you can experience that Krishna stays on the heart of all being . That experience gives you yogic power .

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Knowing Yourself by Yourself : Wisdom Stimulus 65 : Application of Bhagavd Gita in Self Management

Finally, Arrjuna got the Yoga of Discrimination . That means he got the right intellect by whch he can dissociate with adharma and associate with dharma by Krishnas Compassion. In the upcoming verses , he expresses these understanding and founds the reality of Krishna.

To start with , Arjuna conception about Krishna was limited to friendship .But from this next verses , you see that Arjuna is considering Krishna as a God – one who is orb of human being.

The very important characteristics that they know themselves by there own self - What we call as that he have attained self knowledge . The knowledge for them sprungs from inside . It is not only the Knowledge of these world butt also the knowledge of other worlds which sprungs from inside . There is nothing to be known from outside ,it automatically comes from inside.

After realizing that Krishna is an enlightened being who is the manifestation of the divine himself , he now starts asking about divine glories .

Now the surrendering starts happening in Arjuna . He now says that I cannot gain this knowledge with meditating . So you tell me more about it . How shall I know you , while meditate on you ? What are the aspects and what are the things , I should think , inorder to know you ?
What would be my thought process to know you ?
Tell me more about your glories . Lord Krishna has already about his power and glories . He told , that he is the supreme word and expresses into this world .

He had also told about the Yoga of discrimination and his compassion on how destroy darken and lights the light of knowledge.

The soul is the highest principle in this world . It is the cause of the world . After a long Journey with Krishna , Arjuna seems to be understanding this basics of soul . He now recognize that what the sages have declared is true . That Krishna is the objectified form of Brahman. It is indeed to difficult to know the soul in its complete proportion. Arjuna also puts a very important understanding on how self knowledge or the knowledge of the soul is gained . It knows itself by itself, and it is one of the most important characteristics of the soul . If we try to continue the threads of the thought where Krishna explains how supreme word manifest and expresses in this world , and one who is established in the supreme word like Lord Krishna , he is the source of the all beings . In further expanding his thought he continues to says that to move towards the world of higher principle which is based on the supreme word , one has to remove the dirt, and move towards purity by using the Yoga of discrimination . It is when the Yoga of discrimination, and the Compassion of Lord Krishna, has started manifesting that Arjuna start recognizing the divine glory of Lord Krishna.