Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Knowing Yourself by Yourself : Wisdom Stimulus 65 : Application of Bhagavd Gita in Self Management

Finally, Arrjuna got the Yoga of Discrimination . That means he got the right intellect by whch he can dissociate with adharma and associate with dharma by Krishnas Compassion. In the upcoming verses , he expresses these understanding and founds the reality of Krishna.

To start with , Arjuna conception about Krishna was limited to friendship .But from this next verses , you see that Arjuna is considering Krishna as a God – one who is orb of human being.

The very important characteristics that they know themselves by there own self - What we call as that he have attained self knowledge . The knowledge for them sprungs from inside . It is not only the Knowledge of these world butt also the knowledge of other worlds which sprungs from inside . There is nothing to be known from outside ,it automatically comes from inside.

After realizing that Krishna is an enlightened being who is the manifestation of the divine himself , he now starts asking about divine glories .

Now the surrendering starts happening in Arjuna . He now says that I cannot gain this knowledge with meditating . So you tell me more about it . How shall I know you , while meditate on you ? What are the aspects and what are the things , I should think , inorder to know you ?
What would be my thought process to know you ?
Tell me more about your glories . Lord Krishna has already about his power and glories . He told , that he is the supreme word and expresses into this world .

He had also told about the Yoga of discrimination and his compassion on how destroy darken and lights the light of knowledge.

The soul is the highest principle in this world . It is the cause of the world . After a long Journey with Krishna , Arjuna seems to be understanding this basics of soul . He now recognize that what the sages have declared is true . That Krishna is the objectified form of Brahman. It is indeed to difficult to know the soul in its complete proportion. Arjuna also puts a very important understanding on how self knowledge or the knowledge of the soul is gained . It knows itself by itself, and it is one of the most important characteristics of the soul . If we try to continue the threads of the thought where Krishna explains how supreme word manifest and expresses in this world , and one who is established in the supreme word like Lord Krishna , he is the source of the all beings . In further expanding his thought he continues to says that to move towards the world of higher principle which is based on the supreme word , one has to remove the dirt, and move towards purity by using the Yoga of discrimination . It is when the Yoga of discrimination, and the Compassion of Lord Krishna, has started manifesting that Arjuna start recognizing the divine glory of Lord Krishna.

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I enjoyed your blog. The ability to know yourself and see yourself is a wonderful spiritual tool. I just wrote a post called "The "I" Who Observes Me" and would love your feedback. Namaste, Sherry
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