Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Cosmic Body (Vishwarupa) : Wisdom Stimulus 118 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Self Management

Now, when the cosmic form was shown, where the Universe become united in one form as an expression of cosmic consciousness . Arjuna finds it uncomfortable on that layer of consciousness, which is beyond time horizon and the event horizon of his human consciousness . That’s why Arjuna, asked Sri Krishna to return back to his human form . By his request, when, Sri Krishna comes back, to the human form . He describes his cosmic form, which shows the oneness of the world, as splendid , primeval and infinite , which used Krishna’s yogic power to manifest. Nobody else has seen this form apart from Arjuna, as Arjuna is the chosen ones, who has been given a special power to see this cosmic form.

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