Saturday, July 10, 2010

Retaining things in Memory : Wisdom Stimulus 159 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Ashish Kumar (Delhi) : How to retain things in memory ?

Sri Joydip :Our memory has infinite power. However , we could only use a small portion of memory, because we are not aware about the complete capabilities and the process of its retention . There are examples where memory has retained experiences from other lives . However , those experiences of other lives, are not very easy to be recapitulated . The main reason is the lack of understanding of the process, of memorization . We retain certain things in memory, on the base of there importance according to emotions. The importance is not given by the logical mind, but the emotional mind. We might have observed, that certain events which we are emotionally connected, is retained in our memory in picturesque details There are also other events , in life , which might be very important from professional and worldly standpoint , but you don’t retain them, as there is lack of emotional connection . So , to retain anything in memory, we have to retain the emotion associated with that thing, and to recapitulate, we have get back to that emotional experience . Often actors are found to be practicing it in there daily life, as they try to remember the dialogues and act on a character, They has to remain emotionally very mature for there. Retaining something is memory becomes easier, when the emotional maturity is gained and you are in state where you can identify more accurately your emotional state and label and document it , that you can use them time-to-time.

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