Sunday, July 4, 2010

Practicing Equanimity : Wisdom Stimulus 153 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

R.S(Delhi) : I get angry and don’t carry on the work, when people orders me . However, I carry on the work, when people tell me lovingly. So how do, I follow people’s order ?

Sri Joydip : In Bhagvad Gita , Krishna gives the ideal of equanimity of the mind, while performing action . Normally our mind get affected when somebody orders us something . So , it’s not about what you do , or what you don’t do . It’s a lot about, what is the state of mind, you are in , while you do something . If you have equanimity in mind , then whether somebody orders , or doesn’t order and say it lovingly, makes no difference to you . You carry on doing , what you ought to do.

R.S(Delhi) : But then that’s extremely hard ,how do I practice this equamimity of mind ?

Sri Joydip : It doesn’t happen in one day . You have to come this class, of Wisdom stimulus which is about Application of Bhagvad Gita in Managing life in Wiziq, from 8-30-9-30 I.S.T everyday, and take a litte sip of knowledge . Then you have to go back in life, and apply it . Slowly and slowly , your mind will start stabilizing . Its like, how you prepare a yoghurt, or curd . You first put a little bit of curd in the milk, and make it stay, that way , for a whole night, and then you could see in the morning , that the milk which is very liquid, with the association of the curd has converted itself completly into semisolid state of curd. That is the way the Wisdom, delivered in Wisdom Stimulus could help you. You take a little bit of this wisdom, and put it into your mind , you will see the liquidity and hastiness of mind, will soon turned into stability and calmness, and you will reach a state of equanimity, from where you will remain unaffected from the happening of world.

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