Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Awakened India

The rise of India and China seems dramatic . One of the reason , is the western imagination of India was a poor , backward and often a nation having huge scale violent , conflicts until recently.

Suddenly, west was told that India and China are economic giants, driving world growth by converging on the European model of modernity. They are people who have again , forgotten that India and China both had a 5,000 years rich and illustrious history.

Though ,the attempt to explain the world by exalting the apparently unique western virtues of free-market capitalism and democracy may seem to have run into problems lately. The sudden rise of the two biggest countries of the orient, supports the faith expressed by the American columnist Thomas Friedman: that globalising free-market capitalism and democracy will enable much of the world's population to reach the summit of material plenitude, political stability and social security, where western societies apparently reside.

But there is much to do with the Economic format , both the countries . They had state controlled economic bodies and lesser amount of private intiative. The great effect of the globalisation , has come in the level of building entreprenuers and that is the real secret of the story behind 'Awakened India'.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Business Startup Information

Finding the Right Domain name, which could add value to the startup, is always a matter of concern to the Entreprenuer . Things had become more complicated , as most people are unaware about the laws related domain name .

My friend Anthony Mitchell of send me a link , lately which mentioned about an Interview, with a leading IP lawyer, Pravin Anand on the domain related law issues.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where do you start, your plan from ?

I have seen different Industry, have different plan structure . Obviously, there are broad generalisation . However, a content architechture of the AEC Industry ( Architechture ,Engineering & Construction ) has a wide difference, with the content architechture of Telecom Industry . Even the content architechture, becomes different according to different demographies . When you are making a plan, for a developing country , there are lot of times , you have to prove, that country is a right place, to invest into . Though this not important , in case of a developed country . So, what is the good starting point of a business plan with this vast differences , in structure , demography and Industry.

Though , there are different starting points , for diferent plans . But broadly , the starting point which creates most advantage is , the vision section , where the broad picture can be shown using few words within a paragraph.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Is India heading towards the product game too?

Recently, some of the business plans, I made in Indian Market , is extensively focusing on making a product company . Some of them are online and the others are offline. Has the time for building a product company from India, finally arrived ? Can this transformation possible now, that we start also making global Internet and IT product brands . Following are the indicators , which says the time has finally come. Let me find , whether you agree on it or not ?

- There are no dearths of opportunities. And presently there are no significant players. Along with, there are host of categories – Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Non-Conventional energy, Software systems and tools, Food processing, financial systems, Instrumentation, Automobiles and the list is endless .

- Finally, the Indian Middle class has arrived , with a great purchasing power. One of the problems with products, that companies often use to mention, by not able to build a strong product, is the absence of a large domestic market. Now that problem is not there.

So what do you think ?