Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lord of Wealth :Wisdom Stimulus 68 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Managing Self

The expression of soul’s power continues to be in diversified objects, around the word . Lord Krishna’s explanation on his presence, in different beings, and things become more vivid, when he explain, that how he is Shankara among Rudras . The world of Rudras, are said to be existing on the consciousness of oneness. The most highly perfected Rudra , whose mere presence burn out the duality, and makes one to return back, to oneness is Shankara . Shankara, is also known as the great lord of the Universe , “Shiva” , who is consciously absorbed in the oneness, of the entire Universe .

Lord Krishna, then identifies himself, as Kubera who is also the Lord of Wealth . Kubera is the master of Yakshas alongwith Rakshas , who seem to be the protector of wealth. Kubera, gives the essential quality of preserving and protecting the wealth .

Further, Lord Krishna continues, that he is the Meru Mountain , which is the best among all the mountain, and which is also the home of many great sages and rishis .
While moving ahead, he elaborates that he expresses as the chief priest of the Kings, who is known as Brihaspati. At the same time , he is also the skanda , the great army general and saviour of Gods. He also pointed out that he is the Ocean among the lakes .

This way Lord Krishnas gives example how different expressions of the soul, manifest in the world and become perfected.

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