Friday, April 24, 2009

@ Evolution of Web : Part I

How did the most transforming technology of our times , which have the power of changing millions of life , became so transforming ?

Has internet got developed through a clear rational planning, or the evolution worked in a mysterious and autonomous way .

The founder of Internet Tim Berners Lee did not figure out a plan, for the evolution, when he started developing softwares, which turned into Internet , for sharing his work . He was single man trying to develop a software , and might not have any grand plan at that point of time.

What about the people who came afterwards on the picture ?

Find out in these series of writing on the Evolution of web.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

@ In search of secret meaning (Part III) : Not Looking Recession from Glass window

I looked at the sky . Coconut trees . Small buildings .

It looks great when I see through the glass window . Gentle , rhythmic and musical.
When I opened the window , its really hot out there . Not so compelling.

“Entrepreneur, who doesn’t know how to face recession, should not be an entrepreneur at all “ - Comments from glass window, by my peer entrepreneur .

“What is it when you face the heat ? When you are in the blood bath “ – It might be not so painful for a person, who have gone above startup, and small size curve, and have deep pockets to survive a long spring recession . They can change there strategy , they can bring new faces . But what about those who have not ? . I remarked.

“ By the way ,your views are from glass window . That should my taglines . These time people who have sizes are bleeding. “.

I revolted my friend, who indicated me , you don’t have a size to face the pain of recession . You are much above in the value chain .

Big sizes have always some kind of paranoid view to small sizes .
I was reminded about the famous poem on size quarrel -The Mountain and the Squirrel by R . W . Emerson

The mountain and the squirrel
Had a quarrel,
And the former called the latter “Little prig”
Bun replied
“ You are doubtless very big
But all sorts of thing and weather
Must be taken up together
To make up a year
And a sphere.
And I think it no disgrace
To occupy my place
If I am not so large as you
You are not so small as I ,
And not half so spry
A very pretty squirrel track.
Talents differ. All is well and wisely put
If I cannot carry forest on my back
Neither can you crack a nut “

The secret meaning of the recession seems to me a size revolution . Our economy, have always depended on big sizes and some of the big shots. Now it’s a time for revolution .Billion dollars is what makes a economic sense to a lot people . But what about billion dollars , made not from 1 company , but from many companies of small sizes .

Welcome to the new world of Post recession entrepreneurship!!! The new millionaires comes from slums….

No Glass windows ,no glass ceilings , entrepreneurship reaches to the bottom of pyramid.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

@ In search of Secret Meaning (Part II ) Journey towards light.

“ Wait, a second “ – I looked back to search, the origin of the female voice . Though the voice had a whispering tone , but still it had a remarkable sharpness. It somehow, gave a feeling of coziness , instantly.

It is in the middle of passage, from where the voice came . The place, where I am moving through has a dim light . However at the end of the passage, there is an explosion of light . There are also small top blocks, from where sunlight is getting reflected in the shinning marbles, at the floor of the passage.

There are locked rooms one after another. Sometimes people could really open the room and call somebody, on the same sharp voice . Somebody whom they know, years after years.

But whom do I know here ?. That such a voice struck me, on my ear, and turn me into an eternal seeker.

Seconds passed , minutes passed , I waited, but still could not find, from where the voice came .

In the last 90 days, when I stayed here in search of secret meaning of my life , so many voices came, and so many voices stayed , so many voices dissolved . But none has such an impact , like this voice . It came when , I was, in the darker part of the passage .

I throw my hands and legs – up , down , right , left . To find from where that voice came . I imagined – one who beholds such an voice, might be a owner of a beautiful, loving and compassionate body . Such an embodiment, whose sight itself can transform, the very nature of me , who always struggles and fights .

But where was she ? I didn’t see her presence . She asked me to ‘wait’ for second . That second seemed , years for me . Still , I could not experience her as a body.

Is it true, that she seems to be existing, only in a voice ? Her nature is nothing but , just a voice . A voice which might vibrate without our consciousness, deep inside us .

The voice which taught me to wait, When I became impatient. The voice which taught me to ‘step back ‘,when I want to rush ahead .

Unknowingly , in the search of the secret meaning, of that whispering voice,I could gradually move to light.

Monday, April 20, 2009

@ In Search of Secret meaning

Her ways are Mysterious ! Mysterious ! Mysterious !

Her light is dim, like a reflection in a candle. That's why , its very hard to find her intent, behind her ways . She always , plays with the opposites .

In a deep black night, she invades, my colorful dream, and asks me what is right, and what is wrong ?

In a middle of a storm, she makes me still, like a candle in a windless place, whose flame is every steady, and asks me where are you going, and from where are you returning ?

Her paths are hard of follow , her secrets are strongly guarded.
When I brave from a downturn, she seems to be the first curve of the upturn.

When I give up search for her , she seems to me , easy to be found .Yet as a seeker , I am always in search of her secret meaning.