Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Managing Risk for Small Medium and Micro Enterprises of India

Small , Medium and Micro Enterprises play an critical role in the Employment generation of masses in India. They also have significant contribution on Export. According to 2001-02 censuses, they contribute 40% of the overall export. The foreign delegation, trade fairs and promotion activities helps to grow the market penetration of this small, medium and micro enterprises. However, the internet also plays a key role on go-to-export-market-strategy. The B2b exchanges help the small medium and micro enterprises to find its clientele. Most of the cases this helps to manage the payment uncertainty and risk management, with the involvement of a third party as a regulator of the deal structure between two parties. This way the system of b2b exchange can be a big facilitator for export growth of Small medium and micro enterprises of India along with help small, medium, micro entrepreneurs to manage risk and secure there payments properly.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Wining Energy ......

Energy makes changes always. So this time it changed my Blog design . Same way , Nuke deal is expected to change a lot of things on the way Indian Energy Map . Some changes are already in its way in the political map of India . There are media reports, that there has not been such a week in Indian Political History , which provoked such a large scale change in the structure of Indian Politics .

As I said , Energy makes change always . That's the wining characteristics of Energy . It had also a killer side.

Suddenly Killer startup has recognised as an 'Killer startup', which is the companion site of this blog.

Looks like signs good omen , which Indicates that India is going to implement the Nuke deal and bring a broad base change in the energy map of India .

I am receiving of mails from my readers thanking me for covering the major policy and planning events in the blog , like Indian Budget , Sixth CPC, G8, Nuke Deal and creating a citizen perspective.

Thank you all for this compliments , these blog has been fascinating journey for me too.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Majority in favor of Nuclear Deal

In a opinion poll conducted by the planning blog, majority stood in favor of Nuclear Deal. It is interesting to see that 90% of the votes of the opinion poll is in favor of Nuclear Deal. The results of poll stay in the right hand corner of this blog. It again shows that the citizen of Indian Republic wants the N-deal to be executed and they agrees with the statement ‘Come what may – The N-deal should be done “.