Saturday, April 24, 2010

End of delusion : Yoga of the vision of Cosmic Form:WS 82

Normally, when you attain knowledge, your delusion starts moving away . Wisdom is one way to remove the delusions , you are having in the mind and make the mind pure and clear . After I listen this glories ( which are expression of soul in world ) , I am now able to understand, that how the principle of soul is working, in the world . By that understanding all of the delusions are removed by mind.

From where does the delusion originates ?

Information is the food for mind, and Wisdom is the digestive power for digesting that food . Like everyday you take food , it is good to take some information and assimilate and internalize it . It improves your mental appetite and ends the delusions in the mind . However most of the time , we could not take information and digest it properly which creates different levels of delusions.

What is the remedy ?

However , divine knowledge has the capability to remove this delusions.

That is what happen to Arjuna , when he listen to the divine glory of Lord Krishna . All the delusions of his mind starts moving away and he becomes established in knowledge .

That is what he expresses on the starting verse of the chapter 10 .

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