Friday, July 18, 2008

Oppose the Opposition: Come what may! The Nuclear Deal should be done!!

An Open letter to my Country Men

Oppose the Opposition: Come what may! The Nuclear Deal should be done!!

We do not have to listen to Prakash Karat. We do not have to listen to L. K. Advani. The documents are there, guiding the Nuclear Deal.

We, the people of Indian Republic, can take our own decisions.

Here is the list of the documents

1. The 123 Agreement-
2. The Safeguards -
The Hyde Act -

It is funny to think, that somebody can even question our sovereignty .We have crossed those days of 1960 – 1970’s, when we are weak. The world says that we are one of the four great economic powers. We are as par with European Union, China and US .

Hyde act is something, which is internal regulation of US, and has nothing to do with us .The US parliament can wish, that, we will support them on their foreign policy. There can be an expectation, on this line, by Condoleezza Rice. However, we have not committed something on it. There is no obligation, that, we have, to follow them. Infact, there is an advantage. In earlier case, whenever we have done a nuclear test, we have faced bans in our sanctions. After signing the deal, we will not face a ban straight away. We will have opportunities to discuss and do diplomatic exercise, which if we do properly, we can avoid the banning altogether.

The Nuclear Deal is one of the greatest successes of Indian Foreign Policy after the dramatic shift in foreign policy, due to disintegration of Soviet Union. We are getting the Nuclear Fuel without signing a NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty). We are free to do our strategic nuclear program. Our civil nuclear program would be different from that. This is itself, a sign that India is a powerful country now, who is dictating its own terms. The question of sovereignty is useless and a more emotional question, than a practical one.

The Nuclear Energy would be a great help to our economic prosperity as the other energy sources goes down. If, we can import coal and oil ! Why cannot we import Uranium? In addition, this is just for transition period. This will not be a barrier on becoming ourselves self-sufficient. We can stop importing once we become self-sufficient.

This is one of the greatest achievements until date by our diplomats. Our neighboring countries are jealous about our clinching such a deal. Nothing, like this is going to happen in next 30 years. That’s why …Oppose the Opposition: Come what may !! The Nuclear Deal should be done !!

Who am I, to tell you all this? I, am just a citizen of India, like you. I, want my India, to grow and become more prosperous. I want, that we have adequate power, in all forms, that we can move in our path of progress smoothly.

Some politicians do not want so. They are ready to comprise the interest of the Nation, for there own parties agenda. Let us remind them, that a Nation interest is bigger, then the political parties. The progress of the nation makes them survive and become powerful. These people forget that, we have put them into power to take decision on the interest of the nation. They are just our representatives. In a representative democracy, if they do not work for the interest of the nation, we have the right to throw them out from power. Today, in the age of cyber-democracy, we do not have to wait for that, up to next election. We can do it right now.

We have done it repeatedly. We have done it in the time of French revolution. We have done it on the time of our own independence.

It is the time to do it again, for our energy Independence.

We have to oppose the opposition, to vote against the Nuclear Deal.

Oppose the Opposition: Come what may !! The Nuclear Deal should be done !!

We will use new system, new process to do that. Yes! We will use the tools of cyber-democracy, as every age has its own way to practice, democracy.

French revolution did it in a violent way, Indians in Independence movement, did it in a non-violent way.

Representing, technologically rich India, we will do it in a cyber way.

We will vote for the nuclear deal, using the following blog, where we have the voting panel in the right corner.

That result of this vote will be automatically available to all the people after voting. We will then circulate it, to as many people we know, to make sure that the opposition leader gets our message. This will make them; think twice before voting against the nuclear deal.

It is a simple process. We all can participate in it. We can also circulate this mail, that there is more voting supporting on our resolution to -

Oppose the Opposition: Come what may ! The Nuclear Deal should be done!

Joydip Chakladar
A Citizen of India

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prakash karat’s obsolete hard-line costing India?

The alumni of JNU,Mr Karat, have much love for china. When China has moved on to new values and has made stronger association with US, Mr. Karat does not want us to move ahead. See a recent story by a leading daily on this

Why does he want to deprive the nation, from the benefits of the nuclear deal ? A leading daily makes an interesting observation, about the Indian Political drama, where the interest of the Indian citizens seems to be the last option.

Mr. Karat is failing to understand that he is representing the democracy of India, Not China. Obviously, he has always right to think in his personal life, about what he thinks in regards to China.However, as, one of representative, of the people of India , he should put interest of India , in the first bracket. See an intersting article on a blog in this ...

It is very interesting to note that he has completed his Msc. (Politics) from University of Edinburgh, and continuously suggesting India, to implement wrong foreign policies. At the same time he ask us not to do right alliances in International Circuit.

He opposed the India-US strategic alliances and the nuclear cooperation agreement. Does he not understand that how the world is jealous about the nuclear deal, which India has clinged, without signing the NPT (Non- Proliferation Agreement). No other country could get this level of diplomatic success .

I urge the General Secretary to go back to his university again and complete a refresher course in his Msc (Politics) with a special emphasis in Foreign Policy. He might have missed out those classes !

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Karat on Sovereignty- Does he understands it ?

The concept of Sovereignty, came from Peace treaty of Westphalia, in May 15,1648. 'Peace of Westphalia' was signed, which refers to the two peace treaties, ended both the Thirty Years' War in Germany and the Eighty Years' War between Spain and the Netherlands. The treaties involved the nations of Central Europe .This initiated a new order in central Europe based on the concept of national sovereignty.

The end of Second World War, made Europe realized the problems with National Sovereignty. It understood a need for higher union, and participation between Nations. There was a new timeline, in the Global political history, where territorial supremacy is not seen as the highest value. At the same time, the league of nation is transformed into United Nations , which came out with the concept of Human rights . Every passing decade made the concept of human rights more resonant, in every corner of society. There is strong activism, against some governments who had natural tendencies of crime, against humanity, in the name of Sovereignty. Repeatedly Sovereignty, has come into discussion, with a very special political usage by different political parties, around the world giving it a top priority. The concept of Sovereignty encountered a biggest challenge, when globalization took over as the most prominent development theme around the world. The importance of territorial supremacy loosed popularity.

Recently, there was rise of political usage of the concept of sovereignty in a very varied context. A week before ,one of the most improper usages of the concept of the Sovereignty, and its application is done by Prakash Karat of Left parties while pulling support from the Government on the issue of Nuke Deal.He pointed that the Nuke deal is somehow affecting the Sovereignty of the Nation. The truth stands opposite . Infact, Nuke deal will improve the Sovereignty of the country by making us energy independent . Even if by chance , there is a change of power in next 2 months in US , the approval from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) will go long way for other countiers to export us, Nuclear Fuel.

The published safeguard document according to the safegaurd system of IAEA and the related document of 123 Agreement proved the fact that, US territorial laws, will not effect how Government of India would manage his country. Infact , in 123 agreement there is a specific clause on , sovereignty and non-intervention ,which readers can find on the agreement

WISHING to develop such cooperation on the basis of mutual respect for sovereignty, non-interference in each other's internal affairs, equality, mutual benefit, reciprocity and with due respect for each other's nuclear programmes;

Infact, nuclear deal would play a pivotal role on creating energy security for all our sector , which is very important for all our sectors, as we pay heavily for consuming energy. The citizens of India will get oppurtunity to pay less price and meet thier energy demands which will increase the overall productivity of the country. It is the time, when Indian politicians should go beyond their self-aggrandizing political interest, which they are so eager to follow, and support the cause of national interest. They should understand that that all politicians represent democracy , they are not the democracy . They are the part of the 'representative democracy ' model. So they should do something, which is on the interest of the citizens of India.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fresh Attack in Afghanistan – a threat to Nation Building efforts ?

There seems to be now a hide and seek battle with Taliban and ISAF. The new death toll in 14th July, 2008 claiming 9 US lives is an manifestation of it. The US death toll has shocked media and political observer, though there is a huge loss of life, in Taliban end also. Just when the country was getting back to the rhythm of democracy, the rise of Taliban is posing a new threat towards the progress of democracy and the well-being of the people out there. Afghanistan recently got a huge International support to rebuild the nation in 12th June 2008 at Paris, on presentation of Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) which seeks to take the country on achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by 2020. The recent security threats and ambushing from Taliban, has put a strong challenge on the Nation Building efforts of the Government of Afghanistan.

E– Democracy – Can it enhance the democratic process?

E-democracy is a political still in its fancy; however, people are having a lot of hope on it. The expectation is it can reform the democratic process and make people participation more convenient. The major hurdle on implementing e-democracy is citizen identification. However, if implemented it is sure to abolish the intermediary like media moguls, certain politician, some interest of big business and trade unions. There would be a transforming effect in democracy with in the context of people participation, once E-democracy is implemented.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Advising Bad Advising

Advising is a job for most of the people on the top level. All advising has the string of decision-making attached to it on some way. Some do take decisions directly, and other gives option that decision makers could have more liberty on the decision making progress. Bill gates once remarked long back that with usage of PC and Internet people will make decision in a very different way. They will assimilate information in a different structure, which will help them to make decision more effectively. The World really expanded much ahead on the business of advising then Bill Gates has envisioned. Google has been one of most trusted advisor, for people around the world, not on the virtue of decision-making or giving options on decision-making. However, on the virtue of creating a process that will help us to structure information in a very different way. Nobody, that information engineering could be the best piece of advice for decision-making. Google does just that and helps, billions of people to make decision in wide array of subjects .That is good advising. Obviously Global credit crisis, has given some experience to all of us, what is bad advising, which some of our economic and financial advisors have done, both on individual and institutional level.

Planning towards an ideal army !

An ideal army is one where everybody is a soldier by choice. The military job is short-lived and physically hazardous and many do not think it as a good career option. However, Sixth CPC- public response survey, takes account of these aspects of military job. Good Human Resource Development (HRD) practices will obviously lead us into a better knowledge and competence from our defense personal service. Taking care of their needs will be very important for the security of our country. At the same time, it will make the proposition of a military job more acceptable to common person of India.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Integrated Planning required for Global Energy Needs ?

The World faces a great challenge on meeting its energy needs. Some of the wars, which recently had, take surface, has the key component of aggressively acquiring energy bases of other nations. Energy is a vital input for production of any sort .It also helps to increase the overall competitiveness of a Nation. That is the reason there is so much fight between nation towards each particular nation’s energy security and sustainability. It is the key thought of all the National leaders. The series of crisis, heating one after another into the world, shows the need of growth of our future energy base. The basic elements like water and food are becoming scarcer by improper handling of natural resources. Still, there has been a lack of integrated planning on terms of fulfilling the global energy needs. Instead of getting into wars for increasing the energy bases of particular countries, there has to be a reasonable co-operation between the governments of the nations, to create a new line of thought, on production of energy, according to global needs. A global energy problem requires dealing, beyond national political barriers.

6th CPC : Planning on Paying, or Planning on improving Citizen Services ?

On March 2008, 6th Central Pay Commission (CPC) came out with their findings and suggestions. That was the only CPC, which held after the Right to Information act (RTI) and Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBM). The Government machinery on the light of this new changes, expected to perform better both in fiscal discipline and delivery mechanism. The objective of sixth CPC had a wider scope. It was to provide a plan of structural changes in Government. That could transform the Central Government Organization to a modern professional citizen friendly entity . .

The Governmental Organization hierarchy was also expected to be more flattened in order to address the need of better delivery of services to citizen .The Commission Chaired by Justice B N Sri Krishna made recommendation on deletion of the superfluous layer that exist in the level of Government , which holds back the decision making process. Obviously, release of report, brought extensive highlight by media on payment and allowance structural changes along with facilities and benefits. However, the overall purpose of the planning exercise of the sixth CPC, to provide a solution on reforming the Government into a highly professional organization, which will respond faster to the needs of Citizen throughout the Country is not that well highlighted in Media.

The success of CPC will be, to give a planning solution on the organizational structure of Government, which could address the citizen needs. Not so well highlighted, sixth Pay commission made an recommendation on Performance Related Incentives (PRI). That makes sense in present global situation. Indian economy is now closely integrated with Global economy Government have a vital talent acquisition war, against the Global Commercial Institution, and Non-Commercial institution. It has to not only the raise pay structure, but to improve the citizen service as per the services of this Global institution, that are operating in multiple nations in order to stay competitive. However, the good news is Sixth Pay Commission is a good planning move on that direction. If implemented properly it could make a highly professional and citizen service oriented Government Institution. These also will go a long way, on creating a long-term sustainability of Indian Government Institutions. We have to realize as a Nation, that even the most influential Roman republic, which existed for 1200 years, could not survive with the lack of proper institution , by an large, which could make incremental development towards Citizen services.