Friday, July 23, 2010

Love is Life : Wisdom Stimulus 172 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Moumita : How to become loving child to my parents ?

Love is not a emotion. It is a state of mind , where you feel oneness with the entire universe. Normally, we see people fall in love . But true love makes you rise. Lord Krishna, who is known more popularly as god of love describes different of love or bhakti. The core focus, on these to have the ability to surrender to the highest ideal, or God. Love organizes our mind and makes our life work. When you surrender, everything in our life falls in place . You find that love is not weakness , it is a strength which helps us to live a better life . It is a force, which makes the entire universe work .Love is life .

Nichole asked me whether love is important and I replied whether life is important to him. If life is important to you, than you should give importance to love. But then again love is not a petty emotion, which makes you feel weaker. It is the strength in you, by which you can move the entire world . It is the only healing force in the world, and all are substitutes of these healing force. Infact, being in a true love makes you lovable from any individual of the world and same holds true for your parents . True love is like a gravitational pull, which attracts all people around him, and makes you lovable to everybody.

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