Monday, July 5, 2010

Perfect Action : Wisdom Stimulus 154 : Application of Bhagvad Gita in Management

Ashish Kumar (Delhi) : Can you act without desire ?

Sri Joydip : You get what you deserve, and not what you desire . Desire is the greatest enemy of the wise , as Krishna mentions in Bhagvad Gita . It is an inner enemy, and distracts the mind, and make it move outwards ,instead of inwards . When mind gets bounded by desire, its focus shift to result of an action, and not the actions itself. Results are the effect, your action is the cause . If the cause is right , the effect is bound to be there .Most people think , that it is impossible to act without desire . That’s not true.We can take example from our mythological stories on understanding the effect of desire . We see in our mythological stories, two important character –Indra and the Vishnu . Indra is found to be desiring, and so he is constantly under attack from different kinds of demons. He is constantly found to be seeking pleasure for himself. On the otherside Lord Vishnu, is absolutely desireless, and works for the maintenance of dharma, in the world. Vishnu due to his desirelessness , attracts the whole Universe towards him . The whole world bows down to him in devotion, as Vishnu symbolizes perfect action . Because of the state of desirelessness , Vishnu always remain successful on vanquishing different demons, and other creatures who disturbs the Universal process , which Indra always fail to do . Indra gets affected with success and failure as due to his desire he has not reached the perfect equanimity in his mind .While Vishnu has reached that state of perfect equanimity, where success and failure and all the dualities of the world doesn’t affect him . So it is possible for him ,to endure the failure whatever it might be , which Indra is not able to . Acting without desire, helps to endure failure, and that’s why one always become successful, when he deserve ,not when he desire it .

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