Monday, April 26, 2010

Wish to see the Divine Form : Wisdom Stimulus 84 : Bhagvad Gita for Managing Self

Arjuna asked Lord Krishna, to show the form of his imperishable self in the chapter on yoga of vision of cosmic form. Now, we have to ask, that what is this Divine Form, before we can understand the deeper significance of this request ?. It is also interesting to note that Lord Krishna, mentions on a verse little ahead , that it requires a different eye to see this divine form . It, is just because our ordinary sense organ, is not fit to see this divine form . As our ordinary sense organs works on a psychological conditioning.

This psychological conditioning makes us to see the truth of world in different way . That’s why the first step to see the cosmic form is to practice yoga . Yoga would purify the mind, and remove the psychological conditioning. It, would help to expand the consciousness. As our consciousness expands, we will build the capability, to move from the sphere of the mind , to the domain which is beyond mind which work on different rules of times and space, and which holds the originating principle of this physical world which is absorbed in Oneness . However to get into there plane one has to have the very pure intent, to start with . In this chapter, we find Arjuna, expressing that intent, to Lord Krishna.

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