Sunday, August 17, 2008

Considerations on Grant Writing

There are certain consideration which a Grant writer has to take , in comparison to Business plan writing . One of the most important consideration, is to understand the regulatory framework under which the Grant is granted. All grants, are a practical way to manifest certain policy objectives, through well defined programs . Without understanding the underlying policy framework, and program objectives, it is always impossible to write a grant proposal. Most of the NGO's are runned by individuals, who have a passion towards solving certain problems of society, or acting against a social evil. In the process, lot of times they undermine the importance of undersrtanding the policy framework and the institutionalised support, available to make there vision a reality . That's why essentially a grant writer has to take care, both side of coin . They has to artculate the passion and emotional part of the NGO, with a clear fit-in strategy aligned to the policy framework and program objectives. They also has to understand the civil service regulation, which will help them to practice there rights in a better fashion, and not become a prey of the bureacracy and corruption, which might exsist in some level of Goverment.

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