Saturday, August 16, 2008

Getting a good army for small business

One of the most fundamental problem, small business faces, are related to recruiting a good set of people, who can get the business run, in a warrior like manner. Small business has smaller recruitment budget, and they would be hardly noticed, if they want to catch the advertisement bandwagon. So, they has to device strategic means to get noticed . One of the most successful strategic means is creating a people network, which would carry information about supplier,customer,friends,employee's family and friend . Whenever a new recruitment requirement comes in, let the information flow to the network . Based on my experience , I have seen a strong reponses in all the cases , where all the people who reads the mail, has a first hand experience of the company. This way the advertisement expenses is curtailed, and also the manpower, who gets in the company, comes from, to certain extent, trustworthy sources .

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