Sunday, August 17, 2008

Renewable the new area of profit and growth for India ?

There has been growing implementation of clean and green, energy solutions in business arenas. Renewable is now not only an Government agenda, but is a business agenda too.There is a need of private participation to build bases for renewable energy. Infact, this is where most of Public-Private-Participation (PPP) is required. Further,there has to be a lot of entrepreneurial efforts in this arena to make India energy-independent.There is a urgent need of building an entreprenuerial ecosystem where Goverment,Investors,Entreprenuer can come together to make India self-sufficient on energy, by building competent organization on renewable energy sector. At the same time there is also growing need of awareness on the social and environmental implication of renewable energy .

For instance, recently electricity is produced from Bio-mass(Cow-dung) in Purulia ,West Bengal. Though the entire mechanism is technologically sophisticated, and some of the equipment used in the process are imported, still the social and environmental benefits, of using renewable energy is extremely high. There are certain section of business community, who may be concerned about the profitability of a renewable business model as the cost of energy is going to be higher then the conventional energy .However, in recent times, with the growth of sensitivity regarding environment, the general consumer has become more agreeable, in paying extra prices for renewable energy services and products.

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