Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dependence on Crude Oil has to be lowered for India

One of the main reason , why we are facing the present economic crisis is our extensive dependence on crude oil, to meet our energy needs. We have to soon divert our extra dependence on crude oil, to renewable sources. Besides,there is a need for innovation to make this energy sources convert into scalable commercial applications. One of the major problems of our metro environment, is the way we manage our solid municipal waste. Doing some engineering process, in the waste dumping ground, we can segregated the solid waste, into renewable energy generator waste. These can be further , converted into renewable energy, which could be distributed in commercial arena .

Most of our energy is build from either crude oil, coal or hydropower. All of them have negative environmental implication . On these burning coal and crude oil, creates Green House Gases (GHG).These has to be minimized in all circumstance. Generating electricity from municipal solid waste help us in that. It creates electricity in an environmental friendly way without emitting Green House Gases(GHG) . Not only that, once the solid waste is re-cycled, then the usual methane emission from municipal solid waste is also controlled.

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