Saturday, August 23, 2008

Business Planning Manager

Recently , I found some of the corporates looking people for the role of Business Planning Manager.It is true that the role of Business Planning manager is more operational than strategic . I have been doing Business planning for last 8 years , and I always found that there is a great loop in business planning, where you move from strategy to operation , and then you research your operation and build new strategy .

Strategy -> Operation ---> Research --> Strategy

Infact, this is how the array of combination between Product,People,Services and Brand is inter played in a marketing battle.The winners of marketing battle not necessarily have best of Product,People,Services and Brand . But they have a great combination , which they build by their business planning skills , where they could balance between the weakness and the strength of each of the component . There is no other way, you can create such an wining combination other than a proper Business planning, which can be both strategic and operational.

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