Sunday, August 17, 2008

Startup Business Plan

There are number of issues, to keep in mind, while doing Business-plan for startup . The most important one, is a startup has to play aggressive role in the market . To get the initial momentum ,there is a need of more aggressive stance. Often, it is seen that the startup, faces a very tough time, with a far competitor, creating linkage with nearest competitor, to create a entry barrier for startups. This is a very dangerous form of competetive pressure, as it raise the entry barrier for startup,even much higher . The need of aggression for startup, is quite justified, as they need an escape velocity, to cross the entry barrier. There are also different strategic means, to pass on the entry barrier. Most of the industry has regulation, that large corporate has to follow inorder to maintain the nuetrality of the market. At the same time , there are often good govermental schemes for startup. Only the process is so tedious, that it seems impossible to get those benefit . That's why, there is a need of multi-direction effort to the break the entry barrier imposed by different large corporates, and good relation with Goverment departments could be helpful for startups.

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Jenny Holliday said...

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