Sunday, July 13, 2008

6th CPC : Planning on Paying, or Planning on improving Citizen Services ?

On March 2008, 6th Central Pay Commission (CPC) came out with their findings and suggestions. That was the only CPC, which held after the Right to Information act (RTI) and Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBM). The Government machinery on the light of this new changes, expected to perform better both in fiscal discipline and delivery mechanism. The objective of sixth CPC had a wider scope. It was to provide a plan of structural changes in Government. That could transform the Central Government Organization to a modern professional citizen friendly entity . .

The Governmental Organization hierarchy was also expected to be more flattened in order to address the need of better delivery of services to citizen .The Commission Chaired by Justice B N Sri Krishna made recommendation on deletion of the superfluous layer that exist in the level of Government , which holds back the decision making process. Obviously, release of report, brought extensive highlight by media on payment and allowance structural changes along with facilities and benefits. However, the overall purpose of the planning exercise of the sixth CPC, to provide a solution on reforming the Government into a highly professional organization, which will respond faster to the needs of Citizen throughout the Country is not that well highlighted in Media.

The success of CPC will be, to give a planning solution on the organizational structure of Government, which could address the citizen needs. Not so well highlighted, sixth Pay commission made an recommendation on Performance Related Incentives (PRI). That makes sense in present global situation. Indian economy is now closely integrated with Global economy Government have a vital talent acquisition war, against the Global Commercial Institution, and Non-Commercial institution. It has to not only the raise pay structure, but to improve the citizen service as per the services of this Global institution, that are operating in multiple nations in order to stay competitive. However, the good news is Sixth Pay Commission is a good planning move on that direction. If implemented properly it could make a highly professional and citizen service oriented Government Institution. These also will go a long way, on creating a long-term sustainability of Indian Government Institutions. We have to realize as a Nation, that even the most influential Roman republic, which existed for 1200 years, could not survive with the lack of proper institution , by an large, which could make incremental development towards Citizen services.

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