Saturday, July 12, 2008

Social Sector Banking: Proper treasury services could create the accountability for treasury replenishment goals. ?

Treasury services include different types, of financial instruments not limited to treasury management, foreign exchange, short-term credit facilities, trade finance, and global liquidity management. The most important part of the services is treasury planning. Bank of America with GTS (Global Treasury Services) provides a robust technology based planning for businesses and institution with integration of supply chain finance technology and supplier outreach service with further enhancing its trade-discounting program. This enables them to reduce working capital requirements, finance cost through their supply chain, strengthen operating margins, and develop stronger supplier relationship.

Replenishment program for the future days is the key parameter for treasury service planning in social sector banking. For example, International Development Agency (IDA), which is an arm of World Bank, gives credit to the poorest-of-poor countries. After every 3 years, this body goes through a replenishment program where it asks for more funds, from its donor countries. Only proper Treasury services could create the accountability to realize the Treasury replenishment goals for social sector banking.

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