Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Advising Bad Advising

Advising is a job for most of the people on the top level. All advising has the string of decision-making attached to it on some way. Some do take decisions directly, and other gives option that decision makers could have more liberty on the decision making progress. Bill gates once remarked long back that with usage of PC and Internet people will make decision in a very different way. They will assimilate information in a different structure, which will help them to make decision more effectively. The World really expanded much ahead on the business of advising then Bill Gates has envisioned. Google has been one of most trusted advisor, for people around the world, not on the virtue of decision-making or giving options on decision-making. However, on the virtue of creating a process that will help us to structure information in a very different way. Nobody, that information engineering could be the best piece of advice for decision-making. Google does just that and helps, billions of people to make decision in wide array of subjects .That is good advising. Obviously Global credit crisis, has given some experience to all of us, what is bad advising, which some of our economic and financial advisors have done, both on individual and institutional level.

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