Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Karat on Sovereignty- Does he understands it ?

The concept of Sovereignty, came from Peace treaty of Westphalia, in May 15,1648. 'Peace of Westphalia' was signed, which refers to the two peace treaties, ended both the Thirty Years' War in Germany and the Eighty Years' War between Spain and the Netherlands. The treaties involved the nations of Central Europe .This initiated a new order in central Europe based on the concept of national sovereignty.

The end of Second World War, made Europe realized the problems with National Sovereignty. It understood a need for higher union, and participation between Nations. There was a new timeline, in the Global political history, where territorial supremacy is not seen as the highest value. At the same time, the league of nation is transformed into United Nations , which came out with the concept of Human rights . Every passing decade made the concept of human rights more resonant, in every corner of society. There is strong activism, against some governments who had natural tendencies of crime, against humanity, in the name of Sovereignty. Repeatedly Sovereignty, has come into discussion, with a very special political usage by different political parties, around the world giving it a top priority. The concept of Sovereignty encountered a biggest challenge, when globalization took over as the most prominent development theme around the world. The importance of territorial supremacy loosed popularity.

Recently, there was rise of political usage of the concept of sovereignty in a very varied context. A week before ,one of the most improper usages of the concept of the Sovereignty, and its application is done by Prakash Karat of Left parties while pulling support from the Government on the issue of Nuke Deal.He pointed that the Nuke deal is somehow affecting the Sovereignty of the Nation. The truth stands opposite . Infact, Nuke deal will improve the Sovereignty of the country by making us energy independent . Even if by chance , there is a change of power in next 2 months in US , the approval from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) will go long way for other countiers to export us, Nuclear Fuel.

The published safeguard document according to the safegaurd system of IAEA and the related document of 123 Agreement proved the fact that, US territorial laws, will not effect how Government of India would manage his country. Infact , in 123 agreement there is a specific clause on , sovereignty and non-intervention ,which readers can find on the agreement

WISHING to develop such cooperation on the basis of mutual respect for sovereignty, non-interference in each other's internal affairs, equality, mutual benefit, reciprocity and with due respect for each other's nuclear programmes;

Infact, nuclear deal would play a pivotal role on creating energy security for all our sector , which is very important for all our sectors, as we pay heavily for consuming energy. The citizens of India will get oppurtunity to pay less price and meet thier energy demands which will increase the overall productivity of the country. It is the time, when Indian politicians should go beyond their self-aggrandizing political interest, which they are so eager to follow, and support the cause of national interest. They should understand that that all politicians represent democracy , they are not the democracy . They are the part of the 'representative democracy ' model. So they should do something, which is on the interest of the citizens of India.

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