Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prakash karat’s obsolete hard-line costing India?

The alumni of JNU,Mr Karat, have much love for china. When China has moved on to new values and has made stronger association with US, Mr. Karat does not want us to move ahead. See a recent story by a leading daily on this

Why does he want to deprive the nation, from the benefits of the nuclear deal ? A leading daily makes an interesting observation, about the Indian Political drama, where the interest of the Indian citizens seems to be the last option.

Mr. Karat is failing to understand that he is representing the democracy of India, Not China. Obviously, he has always right to think in his personal life, about what he thinks in regards to China.However, as, one of representative, of the people of India , he should put interest of India , in the first bracket. See an intersting article on a blog in this ...

It is very interesting to note that he has completed his Msc. (Politics) from University of Edinburgh, and continuously suggesting India, to implement wrong foreign policies. At the same time he ask us not to do right alliances in International Circuit.

He opposed the India-US strategic alliances and the nuclear cooperation agreement. Does he not understand that how the world is jealous about the nuclear deal, which India has clinged, without signing the NPT (Non- Proliferation Agreement). No other country could get this level of diplomatic success .

I urge the General Secretary to go back to his university again and complete a refresher course in his Msc (Politics) with a special emphasis in Foreign Policy. He might have missed out those classes !

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