Sunday, July 13, 2008

Integrated Planning required for Global Energy Needs ?

The World faces a great challenge on meeting its energy needs. Some of the wars, which recently had, take surface, has the key component of aggressively acquiring energy bases of other nations. Energy is a vital input for production of any sort .It also helps to increase the overall competitiveness of a Nation. That is the reason there is so much fight between nation towards each particular nation’s energy security and sustainability. It is the key thought of all the National leaders. The series of crisis, heating one after another into the world, shows the need of growth of our future energy base. The basic elements like water and food are becoming scarcer by improper handling of natural resources. Still, there has been a lack of integrated planning on terms of fulfilling the global energy needs. Instead of getting into wars for increasing the energy bases of particular countries, there has to be a reasonable co-operation between the governments of the nations, to create a new line of thought, on production of energy, according to global needs. A global energy problem requires dealing, beyond national political barriers.

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