Monday, July 7, 2008

The age of Supra nationality ?

Europe has learned it after second world war . They had the experience of how the focus on physical territory and religion of nationalism can destroy the entire continent . So they continously put an effort, to create a higher union, which goes beyond physical territories and the religion of nationalism . The efforts has shown fruits with the establishment of G8+5 and European Union ,where there is larger co-operation between Nations, both in a informal and a formal way. Somehow , Asia as a continent has lacked those experience what Europe has gone through . That is the reason that Asian continent has not experienced such broader colloboration in all levels of economy , society and politics.

There is still proxy wars going between the countries in Middle East and South East Asia . The latest example is the Suicide Bomd Burst in Indian Emabassy in Afghanisthan which killed 41 people. There is no idea, when the nations of this continent will understand and think beyond physical territories, and give more priority to the people living in this continent, and thier economic and social salvation. Until that understanding takes root in the minds of leaders of these part of the world , there is little possibility to fight against the social evils together which all of them are suffering from.

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