Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nuetrality and Non-Alignement - Are they same ?

India had a pivotal role in the International circuit , way back in 1955 , with Nehru building the founding principles of Non-Alignement m0vement . What are those founding principles ?
Called as Panchseek (five restraints), these principles would serve as the basis of the Non-Aligned Movement. The five principles were:

Mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty
Mutual non-aggression
Mutual non-interference in domestic affairs
Equality and mutual benefit
Peaceful co-existence

J.L Nehrus concept of nonalignment brought India considerable international prestige among newly independent states that shared India's concerns about the military confrontation between the superpowers and the influence of the former colonial powers. New Delhi used nonalignment to establish a significant role for itself as a leader of the Third World - the developing countries world.

Is Non-Alignement= Nuetrality ?

There are some who believed, it is not . Though the NAM countries was suppose to be taking no particular stance , in the later part of the movement they where seen, becoming close to some of the superpowers . The movement lost momentum ,with the lack of nuetrality . In 1990 , after a drive on global change with the abolishment of Soviet Union , Indian Foriegn policy depending much in its mediating status in NAM, got into a vaccum . However , Nature doesn't permit vaccum for long time. There was lot of change on Indian Foriegn policy thereafter . Suddenly from that vaccum, to raise the Nation,one has to think creatively .

We see from 1991 there were reforms in all directions . From Economic policy to foriegn policy India took different routes , then it had taken on the last 44 years . Today we see some of the results of new movement.

The results which has helped India to emerge as an economic superpower and build new relationship with USA which was the basis of present Civil Nuclear Deal.

Now , India is in a true sense a nuetral, and non-aligned country. It has re-written the scripture of popular perception that , you can gain the power , by waging war . India has shown the world , it can become powerful , with staying Nuetral . Isn't that a great innovation on Foriegn Policy , which should be patented ? Though no single goverment can claim the patent of it . All of them , has done thier bit .

Now you see , I am also practising my bit of Nuetrality :)

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