Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bloggers made Institution, weaker than individual ?

Individual has been always weaker compare to institution. Bigger the institutional framework, lesser is the power of individual. However, in the information highway of internet, the rule seems to change, quite a lot. This is where the individual, can have more power then institutions. Just by use of opinions on different subjects, the web surfer can instrument positive transformation in every dimension of society. In the world of media, this is a radical change. Globalization has made this change possible, where communities are formed, across the world that will play an activist role, in number of issues. One of the most common platforms, which have witnessed this rise of individual power over institution, is weblog. .Blogs, earlier known as weblog, has played a pivotal role on helping every individual, to express their thinking and sharing it with other people. There are other instruments also which includes community site like where all the Brands and Institution , are reviewed and commented by Individuals . The problems with the trouble make institution, are brought to public notice instantly, which makes some of the organization, to take pre-emptive steps to satisfy their customer. Faisal Farooqui the CEO of recently wrote to me about a story how an individual using mouth shut, force an institution to make righteous behavior . An Excerpt from the mail .

“Pradeep Chopra is an IIT Delhi Graduate who co-founded OmLogic. I am also privileged to count him as a friend. Pradeep shared the following in an email (certain portions underlined for emphasis): Recently, I had a terrible experience with Apple MacBook and Apple India. I posted a review at your community and only then Apple listened and actually gave me a new laptop. Thanks to your community and its power...Fortunately, around 6000 people are reading the review and people have been writing to me whether they should buy Apple MacBook.

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