Thursday, August 7, 2008

Service to an Entreprenuer

I have worked with number of entrepreneurs around the world in wide variety of Geo-markets. At times ,it could be really hard , to advise an entrepreneur, in issues related to planning and organizational development. In most of the cases the TOR ( terms of reference ) and the scope of the project ,remains less in documentation, and more in their thought process of the entrepreneur . To bring that out in the form of document , can be a daunting task . The baseline data collected to verify the market opportunity can also become sub standard due to lack of survey specification . Most of the cases , the secondary research followed by a desk analysis , given to an entrepreneur , comes with more review request . At certain times the overall scopes get modified and the the entire work has to be redone. Though the emotional and energetic experience is very high , the consultants faces a number of practical issues on TOR and scope while working with entrepreneurs. Obviously it could be solved , and better output from a consultant could be created from the entrepreneur , if the TOR and the elaborated scope becomes more precise.

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